Callender the next odd man out?

Just noticed that Andre Callender now is one of the #0's on the roster on the Ticats main web page. This could either be a technical error, a number change or another release coming seeing as we need to trim some players.

Depending on how his knee healed and how he and Callander perform at camp it might be Caulley on the outside looking in.

I don't see that Zontar I think Caulley is better back all around then Callander is .

If Fact I think Caulley will Push Keith for starters Jobs at HB (He won't win it but it will Make KK Better.)

Caulley is solid no doubt but it depends on how big a drop off, if any, his game has suffered since the surgery.

Give cheesegod a cigar.

Callender released.

Caulley's knee healed up just fine, thanks.

I think with Callender out the Cats will be bringing in another import RB for camp, only keep max 3 after TC. Maybe AJ Harris? His power style would be a nice change up from Keith, Caulley and Smith.

A.J. Harris would be a great pickup. Then we'd have a truly solid RB core. Starter: Kenton Keith 2nd string: Terry Caulley 3rd String: A.J. Harris 4th string: Tre Smith 5th string: John Williams.

I originally thought Callender was #0 because Otis Floyd took his #35 but now I see he is gone... I wouldn't mind A.J. Harris coming in to challenge our current running backs.

Now this is only speculative thinking, but IF Harris shows to be worth keeping does this mean Tre Smith is the odd man out? Keep in mind OBIE found some burners at the Tampa Camp this year, he will no doubt try at returning kicks and punts... So that would make Tre useless to the team IMO.

If A.J. Harris signed and someone had to go it'd either be Andre Sadeghian or John Williams and since Williams is a good ST player.... there you have it.

I think Keep Williams Since he is Canadian and He is good ST Guys
We have to see