Call out to Terminator

Are you serious!! What the heck is wrong with you going into the Edmonton forum and trashing Durant harder than I've ever seen you do it especially to Edmonton fans trying to get them to agree with you!! I can almost bet you do this in your daily life about other people you know and I would bet after you read this your probally going to tell people about me too. Burn your Rider gear and go "cheer" for another team and then I honestly dont care what you say.

Look, I don't hate Durant...never said I did. I just don't think he has what it takes to play in this league. If he really wanted to prove me wrong, HE WOULD GO OUT AND PERFORM! Until now he has not done so in my opinion. I will say this his reads are getting better but he still makes poor decisions like the last play yesterday. Would Ray have thrown it into triple coverage? Likely not and that is why he is who he is. Not throwing into triple coverage is something that you learn as young as grade school ball and thus I question his ability to make the crucial plays at the right times.

I will always be a Rider fan but I always reserve the right to demand perfection as the ultimate goal, nothing less is good enough.

OK watch the replay. Where else could he throw the ball while under pressure and scrambling to his right being nearly out of bounds.

There's no point responding to this guy.

I agree. Quit responding to his taunts and he will dry up and blow away.

I as well concur and have stated it before. The best thing to do with her is to totally ignore any thread she starts or any post she makes. She is clearly a troll and is laughing at all of those who get riled up by her vitriol. :thdn:

will someone please give this Terminator guy a long vacation?

wow what a clown, Its obvious you have not been in the game for very long, you have a beginners attitude, and obviously don't know much about the game. Keep watching and live and learn

alright im done im ignoring all of terminators posts

Did you ever think maybe terminator IS Darian Durant and he's just fishing for compliments by dogging himself excessively all the time?

Hmmm it almost makes sence...... thats why I have never seen terminator and durant in the same place at the same time

And he's travelled back from the future! Okay, if anyone sees a DeLorean around you know what's up!

Perfection in pro sports (in pretty much anything for that matter) doesn't exist, therefore no QB can ever satisfy your "standards".
Your bit about triple coverage and grade school is just odd. Every QB throws into triple coverage on occasion. The best QBs in history did it. I guess they weren't paying attention in grade school.
So other than the possibility that he was throwing to Dressler, who was not in triple coverage,(I don't think Getzlaf was either) but rather was wide open, would you have preferred he throw the ball away? Take a sack? Throw a pick? Not a lot of options here to satisfy your thirst for perfection. It would have been nice had he thrown that ball two feet further while running for his life and Dressler makes the catch. But to overlook the tremendous progress DD has made this year is just ridiculous.

Hmmmmm...... has anyone ever seen Terminator and Gainer together/posting at the same time?
Far more likely they are one and the same.
Always hated the rat....... serious jynx......

If I was Durant I would bench myself with a those stats.

The only stat that counts is Wins.

Well, I wouldn't get too excited about that win if you think Durant played well. 3 INTS, all due to inaccurate throws and numerous other throws incomplete because of inaccuracy. Good thing we got the fumble for the TD as that was the difference and the D played well and kept Ray off balance.

Durant still hasn't learned how to look off a safety, still telegraphing his passes after 4 years in the league.

jees.. you don't think the Fricken Wind had anything to do with it?????

get lost Terminator, you're a loser.

LOL thats one thing he will never debate

Just a rhetorical question, but just how well did the OP's closet hero, Ricky Ray, do in that same game with the same conditions???