Call on Belli

Boy, it looks like everything that could go wrong, is going wrong.

That call on Belli was pretty chinsy. All the borderline calls seem to be going against us when we're struggling.

As has been mentioned a few times already on other threads, some people (including me) believed he lead with his helmet.

You can see, several times, Belli rubbing the back of his nec on the sidline as if he jammed it.

He clearly led with his helmet. If someone did that to our QB we'd be screaming attempted murder. It was a good call.

It was another of the dumb mistakes that we seem to enjoy doing!! I believe that until some sort of financial penalty is imposed that type of junk will continue.

Can the team impose a "financial penalty" under the current collective agreement with the players? If no, is this perhaps why there is no discipline on this team regarding bone headed penalties? (no consequences)

What about performing a community service... like cleaning urinals after a home game or something. 8)

Is that with or with out HazMat suits on?

I still maintain the call was borderline. There are many times in a game in which the calls don't come when they clearly should.
In the Calgary game, Maas slides feet first and gets nailed by two defenders.......clearly a which could have changed the outcome of the game.

We just seem to be on the wrong end of a lot of close calls. :cowboy:

Ref’ing is tremendously hard to do, and anyone who’s tried doing it has to admire the efforts that the CFL ref’s come up with.

What we as fans too frequently forget is that you are “only supposed to call the penalties that would have changed the play”.

Thats a tall order to be 100% on, and so my respects to the referees.

Okay, so on the other hand, there is an amazing lack of discipline by individual players that cost us a ton of penalties.

The offsides, late hits, objectional conducts, etc. that are certainly not “coached”, but rather the product of individual players. Its up to Greg how he will or can deal with this garbage attitude, but the thousand dollar fine is “fine” ny me, and can’t see where the CFLPA will object, lets see the money paid over to the Purolator Food Bank or junior player developement…

I know, I saw the non-call in Calgary too, and disagreed with it too. Thats one the zebras owe us later in the season, as was the call on Holmes in the same game…seems such disrespect to a class guy like Corey where he says it (the ball) didn’t touch him…I believe if it did, he’d have been the first guy to admit it…and so THAT was a “BAD CALL”…

Sometimes what goes around comes around...

Belli plays with lots of intensity, but IMO too often after the whistle. When there's pushing and shoving after a play, he's usually involved. As opponents pick themselves up and walk back after a play, you can often find Belli pushing or bumping someone, or following them with his mouth going.

IMO the refs can't help but look for a guy that's always trying to start something. Or at least not give him the benefit of the doubt on close calls.

Not to rag on Belli too much, but the last few games he's driven me nuts. His team's losing because of undisciplined play, they claim to talk about it all week, yet on the first defensive series, there he is, right back at it again.