Call me crazy

When Kirk said "... or I've misinterpreted the comment", I interpreted it as a deferential way of saying "Caretaker, without accusing you of mangling your words, here is an opportunity to clarify and re-spin your comment to make it seem less incendiary".


A cookie for safetyblitz.

So we are going to get Bob wants to fire the coaches from that?
Why not just think that Caretaker was not happy with the way the whole team performed last night and leave it at that?

Bob..and Bob (!) will evaluate the season's performance at the conclusion of the year. I don't think anyone looks at it as an awful game = death at this stage of the season. However, there is a roller-coaster pattern here and we may find ourselves getting off it closer to Canada's Blunderland than say...La Ronde? Just saying.

Good teams lose when out-executed, generally. Not when they are out-executed AND out-coached. That's where the contender-pretender line gets drawn, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,


Somebody, somewhere, who has Bob's ear ...... or a reporter who could chase down a clarification, and maybe uncover a big story, ..... or The Caretaker himself must have read theses comments which have followed his Saturday morning post. Since there has been no attempt, in the over twenty hours since, to set the record straight on his comment, perhaps what you say Grover is exactly what Mr. Young and his staff would like us to think and do.

I think Bob made an unguarded comment he probably regrets. I'm not surprised he hasn't elaborated. Why weigh in with more? If I were him, I'd ignore the controversy his remarks stirred up on this board and continue focusing on the many more important things he has on his mind.

Did we play poorly against Calgary? Yes.

Is that proof that our coaches and "system" are bad? Hardly.

Have numerous posters here been critical of our OC? Yes, for most of the season.

Will Bob, or Obie, or anyone else in charge of the team make decisions about their coaching staff and any changes to it based in whole or in part on the regularity of fan board criticisms? I sure hope not, and, thankfully, I'm sure they won't.

I think that Caretaker hit the nail on the head. The Tigercats loose one player and they changed the entire gameplan. This OC has to be fired if he's responsible for the vanilla that cannot be executed by anyone. If its Marcel then he should be fired as well. So far they have managed to set the development of the QB's back 2 years by giving the young guys zero chance and every bad game Glenn has had is a direct result of the poor game plan as well.

I think Caretaker got it partly correct. If a player lacks confidence in the offensive and defensive systems in place for a certain game but maintains confidence in their ability to execute their routes or coverage during the game then the game should have been closer than the one last night.
If you replace the players confidence in his abilities with cockiness and basking in the glory of the last 2 games then it is really difficult to get the game plan together. That still is the coaches responsibility.
Losing can be contagious, just like winning, so the coaches better get the confidence back, I'm certain the cockiness is gone after last night.

Kirk, what's so "shocking" ?

Since the day he bought the Ticats, he has occasionally showed a bit of frustration on when things go wrong on the field.......just like the rest of us fans.

(and in actual fact, he's kinda mellowed the past few years) :lol: :wink:

Well said both of you. :thup:

I think it was a case that no one stepped up in Bruce’s absence. I suppose they expected lightening to strike twice with Bauman, but that didn’t happen and no offense but Reggie Fish is on the practice roster for a reason. That an while the defense was making tackles, it wasn’t making turnovers happen. There were just too many successful passes for 6-12 yard gains. That and whenever you start putting in the backup QB and pulling guys up from the practice roster, the package tends to get condensed. A wakeup call yes, but we can make up for it if we put the hurt on BC this week and then make it to the cup.

Call me crazy...but how about 4 straight wins?

I'd be happy with 3 Kirk, so long as they were the last 3 of the season. :wink:

Very possible and I hope the guys in the locker room realize it.Tiger-Cats, grey cup champs 2010?Stay tuned :cowboy: