Call me crazy

But I think this humbling loss at this time is a good thing.Calgary exposed the cracks big time and now we've got lot's of film to fix that.Not to mention everybody should be even more hungry for a win after taking that beating.

Good read, plus Hamilton had no intention of showing their hand before the possible grey cup rematch.


I agree it was a good thing..I hope they will be hungry/angry against BC

But I didn't like the 55 points against...I felt Calgary did run up the score and I hope if they do meet in the final..Hamilton will remember they did.

A good thing? come on get serious.
Losing is always bad, the only thing it exposed was the lack of intesity by the Ticats, they just gave up.
The Als fans said the same thing about their team last week "it was a wake up call" etc. Never a good thing to lose.

8) If Hamilton plays as poorly as they did tonight in the East Semi, then even the Argos will handle them !! :oops:

One week to the next, anything can happen... and usually does.

Overall, we're not as bad as last night might suggest, but not as good as some over-enthusiastic fans (me included) thought we were in our glowing assessments after last week's win.

Calgary pounds the Als, the Als pound them back. We hammer the Als, the Stamps hammer us. The CFL is like that.

I think we're still in the second grouping in the league, along with Sask and behind the two Division leaders. That's good progress though, and we're better than last year, even if our W-L record turns out the same. I look forward to hosting the Argos Nov 14.

Every championship-grade team shows its hand. Every week. The other team gets to look up at the lights after the hand is "shown."

Yes, they kept the "Fumblerooski Stanford Band Triple Reverse Combo" under wraps for another game, but we're talking about imposing your will upon another contender. Sending a message? I think it was bad, no? LOL

Hamilton hasn't shown its hand since November 1999 in the final analysis. Time is ticking.

Oski Wee Wee,


Tipper - I fully agree - if the Cats show the same play last night against the Ar&^ Ho(& - we will get our asses handed back in a basket. This is how I viewed the game.
1/ Kevin Glen - likes to throw into coverage with average arm strength. I don't like
how he asked on national TV who won the Ar(
& Ho*&^ and Montreal game. What difference
does it make. Shut up and play inspired football instead making stupid throws in to coverage.

2/ Vanilla game plan. Uninspired - There is no one who can step up when Arlan Bruce is down.

3/ Hinds - Smith - Tisdale were schooled. They can not cover quality receivers.

4/ Barker is a day late and dollar short. Not a great first stringer - special teams
player only. The new guy Hierber (sp) should be inserted immediately.

5/ Chris Bauman back to his usual inspired play. A big kid who should have caught everything
that is thrown his way.

6/ Carter - the kid is hurt on just about every second play. Welcome to professional football.

7/ Special teams - even though Thigpen scored on pne return - our special teams is not so
special. The Ar&^ H(*&^ and Owens - Durrie will kick our butts untill Dave Easly fixes the problens
associated with blocking and tackeling on special teams.

8/ Last but not least - Quinton Porter - is either extremly stupid or our coaching staff staff is stupid.
When did he learn to carry the ball like a loaf of bread. Same - old - same - I like Adam Trefallis over Porter
any day. In the off season Porter should be Mahotma Gondy............................

I agree 100%, good time to kick some butt. Expect next week to be a "tryout" to fix some of the holes.

I agree with those who think losing, even meaningless games, is always a bad thing.

Last night wasn't a lack of plan or effort, IMHO. It was a lack of execution. Neither our offense nor our defensive teams had any confidence in the systems they are supposed to play within, so you saw a bunch of guys running around without any confidence in their teammates. Calgary on the other hand, who looked bad against BC, looked like a well-oiled machine - they looked like the Ticats did against Montreal last week.


Gotta say that I'm shocked to read this from the owner of the team,

Just so long as last weeks Cats are there for Nov. 14,21 and 28. :thup:

Hey he signs all the paychecks

Somehow didn't get my comment included in the first sending of this post. I'll try again ...

We appreciate you participation here on the morning after, Caretaker. My comments on yours, sentence-by-sentence:

  1. & 2. Agree
  2. Are you saying that the players had no confidence in the coaches' game plan?
  3. Agree with every word.

Well, it is what it is. And Bob is right.

For the Montreal gameplan not to be the blueprint for last night's game or any of our succeeding games this year is a joke. You accentuate it, you add stuff to create mismatches, you only subtract elements that are not going to work based on specificities that the opponent can clearly exploit by personnel superiority, etc.

We saw a complete departure from the Montreal game M.O. and were treated to a vanilla-frosted stampede on both sides of the ball. When you couple that with lapses, miscues, and general execution breakdowns, you get fiftyburgers against you.

I may be surprised by Bob's candour here, but this team cannot play like it did last night and get anywhere near beating the Als at the Big O...and if weren't for Lemon being Lemon, I'd be more concerned about the EDSF. Bad news!

Oski Wee Wee,


Looks to me like it's quite an indictment on the coaches, or players. Either that, or I've misinterpreted the comment.

When you couple that with lapses, miscues, and general execution breakdowns, you get [u][i][b]fifty[/b][/i][/u]burgers against you.

More like Schfifty-five

Wildcat, I have to take issue with a lot of what you wrote.

Very true, but it's not like the Argos are the 1996 Doug Flutie Argos. Also, if the Als play the way they did against the Cats last week (and to a certain extent, how they played against the Argos this week), they too would have their "asses handed back in a basket." Every team this year has thrown up one or two duds, and some of the supposed "top teams" have done it recently. The Cats went into Calgary and were handed their hats. It happens to everyone, every year.

Glenn can make some bonehead throws sometimes, but so does every QB. No one is perfect, and some of the throws he made in this game that didn't work, worked in previous games. (Ex. how he thread the needle against the Lions on Bauman's game-winning TD catch). And Glenn asked about the other game...but he already knew who won. They announced it on the loud speaker just prior to kickoff. He was just having a little fun. Funny that no one would have cared about this had the Cats won.

Every team has a guy that can be deemed non-expendable. Arland Bruce is one of, if not the, best receivers in the CFL. It's not easy to find someone to replace him. As for the game plan, the players need to execute, vanilla or not.

I hate when I read stuff like this. Have they not been able to cover in previous games? They aren't the greatest, but your assessment is way too definitive. They were beat last night, but they've covered others rather well (Ex. Fred Stamps, Jamel Richardson). It's not as black and white as you are portraying it in your comment. If you said "could not" instead of "can not" then I would agree with you.

You are way off on your assessment of Barker. Again, you are basing your comments off one game. Over the course of the season Barker has gotten better. Plus, it's not as simple as inserting Kyries Hebert. That would create a ration issue. Barker is doing a fine job.

I'm going to assume there were some typos in here. You meant to say that Bauman played uninspired. That I will agree with. He looked lazy out there. Like his head wasn't in the game or something.

So did Lumsden and everyone was clamouring for him. Why doesn't Carter get the same break? Oh, right, because he's not a "hometown hero."

Did you miss the game in Toronto two week's back? Owens did nothing. Again, you're basing you assessment off one game.

I don't know if I like Tafralis better (it's not like he looked great last night either), but the Porter experiment might be on its last legs. I think some competition needs to be brought in for both of them in the next training camp. Let's see if either of them are up to snuff.

No, you didn't. That was a main clause of the sentence, followed by the coordinating conjunction "so." You got it right. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,


Oy, then!

A lack of confidence is systems is serious.

Two things come quickly to mind:

  1. There has been some consistent criticism of Gibson's schemes here for a while now. Is there something to that?

  2. The rumblings of Tillman hiring Marshall as HC, and the Tabbies possibly looking at Hall as DC.

Granted, not much substsance to either thought. Just internet musings.