call me a hypocrite, sigh

I have been trying to decide on another NFC team to cheer for, but I can't do it. As much as I detest what Vick did, I just have to continue cheering for the Eagle.

30 yr habit
like the name philadelphia
like green uniforms

I will never be a fan of Vick, but I will be a fan of the uniform.

Just like some cops are aholes, but I still respect the uniform, and institution.

so, when is all said and done. Go eagles. Go Jets.

I have thought like this in the past, still do to a point. In positive essence; “Letting Go” of resentmemt is good.


Go Vick!

well he better do a lot better from now on than 20% goal to go efficiency. They should have beat the bears.

and jacksonville should have beat the damn giants too, grrrr.

Yeah. I still think Philly wins NFC East.