Call in the Calgary Game

I would have posted this sooner, but since i was coming back from Calgary, I was just wondering before DeAngelis's kick, the receiver looked like he trapped the ball. As it was in the last 3:00 shouldn't have been a booth review?

IIRC, TSN didn't show any different angles or any replay at all on that catch so it's hard to say if it was legit.

Funny though as a Stamps fan had posted here (when TiCat's fans criticized Cat defenders for touching the downed player and killing the play with 2 seconds left), that in fact the refs blew the whistle before any touch (downing) occured. If that was the case (I haven't seen a replay), the refs saved the Stamps from their own poor play calling (ie, play to middle of field instead of a pass to sidelines to go out of bounds and kill the clock) and gave them the 2 final seconds to win the game.

I heard CFL official Mr Black trying to explain away the inconsistent officiating calls on the TigerCat Show at noon on CHML.

The expanations for the receivers off side (called or not) was particularly lame as I (and apparently others... Ted Michaels, fans, the team ,etc) believe Calgary could have been called numerous times for receivers being at least a half step over the line of scrimmage yet they were not (ie, Lewis diving catch in first half (2nd quarter?)... I thought for sure it would be called back due to penalty (Stamps off-side) but none called). Yet Brock Ralph got nailed again (replay showed him AT the line, not over yet he was flagged and wiped out a Cats gain). Some officials seem to have laser vision re a players toe being off side, whereas others couldn't see the broad side of a barn (or players being a half step or more over the line). Copeland did get called (once?) but it was kind of obvious... he was practically "kissing" a Cats linebacker.

Contentious late hit and non-call on a sliding Mass (last minute of game) was addressed and (and attempted to be) explained away but no mention of the helmet-to-helmet hit he sustained (causing a bloody nose/mouth).

IMO, consistency of calls and rules interpretation from team to team and game to game is sorely lacking.


Oh, come on.

Everybody knows that the CFL referees are completely unbiased, and treat each team equally.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, have you watched Ticat games lately? There are a couple of teams in the league the refs don't seem to like, and some they favour. (Dislike Cats, favour Als)

The blown offside calls are ridiculous -- and this is a league-wide issue. I can honestly say I have not watched a CFL game in 3 years where I haven't sworn some receiver was offside in every quarter. In the Calgary game, both teams had multiple dodgy missed calls. One offside by Hamilton was by a receiver a good two steps offside at the snap (with no call).

I am all for the multiple motion rules in the CFL -- but the league has to get the officials to enforce the offsides by receivers. It is tough enough to defend in this league! LOL

Oski Wee Wee,