Call him Mr Mayor...

Corey Holmes, a former star running back for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, has run onto a new field — politics — and won.

Holmes, 32, was elected mayor of Metcalfe, Miss., on Tuesday. And, consistent with his reputation on the football field for making great plays under difficult conditions, Holmes's election was a hard-fought campaign.

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Great news I am Glad Corey is doing okay

That"s great news, Tom. I join with you in wishing Corey Holmes much success in his future endeavours.

1000 people in the

I still put on #3 Holmes Jersey with Pride ...
You could meet a better Person then Corey

Wow, Corey is always up to something new. A nice guy in politics - who would've guessed it? That's very good news. Good luck to him.

I'll probably get 'executed' for this on here but..


If don't like thread then don't post on it
There people who knew Corey and would like know how he is doing . :roll:

ya right..I can just see it.."hmmm?,I wonder how Corey Holmes is doing these days?" :lol:

I have to speak my mind sometimes on this site ....
I think you should change your name from Onknight to On'King' as in KING OF USELESS THREADS!

Hey catfan! I'm executing you. It's people like you who grope around looking for silly things to complain about that cause a thread like this one to be a downer. Not Onknight.

I hope you got his message. If not, let me repeat it. Go to another thread, or better still, get the hell out of here!

Wow that was pretty friggin unnecessary. If you don't like the thread, don't post on it. There are many of us on here who DON'T think this is a useless thread. I read about this earlier and thought it was nice to know Corey is doing well for himself. He made a lot of friends in his short time here and they are interested in how he is doing. To some of us these guys are people as well as players and it's nice to see how they are doing after football.

It's a public forum,...everyone has his or her opinions and I have mine..
I'm not going anywhere..

Fine; so why not get off this (Quoting You) USELESS THREAD, and go elsewhere. Why torture yourself and the rest of us with your inane rants?