call for sportyguy3

u know how u and me are 13 14 or whatever?and we want to play in the cfl?well wen we make the cfl wanna be rivals like a crosby ovechkin rivalry it would be pretty cool 8)

Um, Sure. But I dont think I'd make it. I'm not that good.

have faith in yourself Sporty, you can do what ever you want as long as you have a passion for it and give it a go! :wink:

hope to see you too in the CFL Draft someday.

I can fly!!!!!

whoa! I said dream and go for it, not hallucinate! :lol:


Just like kanga and his spelling!

Actually Ro, in that sentance, Kanga had no mistakes that I can see. except for not capitalizing the first word of a sentance, and that I can forgive there was no comma after "yourself", and no period or semi-colon after "Sporty".....sorry, Billy.....grammar nazi strikes again..... :wink:

I was speaking in general!

.....see Kanga, dream big and it can happen!......

I'm living proof.

(in a Eric Cartman accent) beefcake BEEFCAKE!!!! (I haven't seen South Park in years, but I love that line)