Call a timeout

The score is 15-12 with 49 seconds left and B.C. has the ball at the one yard line. Why didn't DB call a timeout? B.C. ran the clock down to 32 seconds and scored. If a timeout was called the Riders could have ran 2, maybe 3, more plays to try and score.

What did DB think B.C. was going to run out of time. No matter what B.C. was probably going to score at least a field goal and from the one yard line a touchdown was pretty much a guarantee. This was just very very poor coaching in my opinion.

Did you have any timeouts left?

Yes we had our timeout left at that point.

Good point! Especially since the Riders had the wind at their backs. That was a puzzler!

whats the point, they take their timout, what are the riders gonna do? let the in the endzone no, theyll try to stop the the player from getting in, this causing the time to run down anyways, this way they had their TO left going downfield allowing them to throw a bomb and not have to worry about rushing to the line to spike it.

In the NFL a timeout there would have made sense because it saves 40 seconds not 20.

No they aren't going to let them into the endzone, but B.C. was probably going to score and there was no way B.C. was going to run out of time. ANd 17 seconds got run off.

And I don't know how well you know the CFL rules but in the CFL when a team gets a first down the clock stops until they get set-up to run the next play. As soon as there set-up the ref blows the clock in and the QB starts audibling. And there is no way the Riders would have blown 17 seconds off the clock when they are on offense setting up a play at the line.

Calling a time-out would have given the Riders two more plays.

yeah i know, for some reason i had something else in my head, i not only have BC season tickets but i also play football in a league with the CFL rules, so yeah i know them, i dont know why i said that up there.