Call 911 Aaron Hunt needs a waahmbulance.

What do you mean by that? He just might get it?

From the league? He hasn't. So I don't see you point.

Are you also saying that if dirty stuff IS going on, he should stay silent?

It is a saying that old people like me tell kids, "be careful what you wish for, you might just get it." Look up Aesops fables some day.

The league just looked at the game film which is what Hunt asked them to do and 5 B.C. players were fined.

Yes that is exactly what I am saying. If every player in the league staged a press conference in front of their locker, every time somebody did them wrong, they would have to have several hundred press conferences each week. That is what coaches and G.M.s are for. There are channels to take when things are happening. Publicly challenging the league to do something is not one of them. I am actually surprised that Hunt wasn't fined for his diatribe.

Let me rephrase this. What I really would like you to tell me is what you think Hunt might get? Because he hasn't gotten anything yet, just like you say, he wasn't fined so I still don't know what your point is.

And please tell me which player on the Lions was fined that had anything to do with what Hunt said?

This could go on forever I guess, but I will try to put it this way, which is exactly what the whole thing is all about. Aaron Hunt made a spectical of himself whining on public, like a kindergarten bully who was punched out by the wimpy kid in glasses and is now crying. Hunt complained that because somebody (I am reading between the lines) kicked him in the groin, so because of that Edmonton is a dirty team. Maybe in his view, every Eskimo kicked him in the groin, I don't know. The bottom line is, he took the wrong approach in airing his complaint and looked like a fool. Case closed.