Call 911 Aaron Hunt needs a waahmbulance.

Watch his rant on TSN. What a crybaby.

helpful if we could...

...agreed, if you are going to quote a web source have some etiquette and provide a link for crying out loud....I went to teh CFL page of TSN and saw nothing....

Not to mention a more original subject heading. "Waahmbulance" is corny. Not to mention very last millenium.

Here's the link; on the right scroll down to play video Talking' Dirty by Aaron Hunt.

hehe, the video doesnt work

I should have tried it before hand, but thanks...........atleast I found said link.

Works on my computer.

I spent 36 more years in the last millenium than this one, sue me.

I'll watch the game again tomorrow and I will watch the line play and let you know if I see anything.

Bingo; I checked my link again and it does work under "related" towards the right; click the Aaron Hunt video and presto.

...thank you backer, perhaps in the future the one who claims to be reasonable could do the same courtesy...

Sorry if I hurt you, next time I’ll know better. :frowning:

…thicker skin that that, don’t give yourself credit where none is due…


I guess the league disagrees with Hunt. It appears that the CFL actually thinks it is B.C. that's dirty.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

Careful. I could be a Waahmbuance chaser, and just might ... :slight_smile: :lol:

For a guy of his status, I was surprised by his whining. Guys on both sides of the ball could say it also, BUT they are professional enough to look for an opportunity to settle the score on the field LATER.

I think that saying that the league thinks BC is dirty is going way too far.

NONE of those fines addressed ANY of the line play in the slightest. None of those fines had the slightest to do with any of Hunt's concerns or comments. To say that the league disagrees with Hunt is completely unfounded based on your linked article.

I watched the game again the other night. I watched the line play. Let me say that the line play is extremely difficult to follow with cameras at long distance constantly moving and zooming and following the ball. The only real shots worth looking at are the cable cam shots and even those don't let you see anything below the belt.

These are the notes that I took. I watched that game on tsn on demand, the times are broadcast times, not game clock times.

2nd qtr 15:00 - Patrick hands to the face of Smith
4th qtr 2:20 - Wojt grabs both hands on cage of Smith and throws down
4th qtr 29:50 - Koch big palm to the face of Smith
4th qtr 32:50 - Wojt borderline crackback on Hunt

So not a lot, but like I said, it is extremely difficult to see anything. Interesting that I only found guilty Eskimos, no Lions. But the stuff that I saw was stuff that is common in any game, although Wojt tossing Smith down by the helmet was pretty disgusting if you ask me.

My conclusion is inconclusive. I'm sure if the league did the same as I did (which they may very well have) they would come to the same conclusion. Inconclusive. In no way does that agree nor disagree with Hunt and it certainly does NOT mean that the league thinks BC is dirty, so I COMPLETELY disagree with your post.

Good, welcome to subjective opinion. Aaron Hunt "challenged" the CFL (his words) to look at the game film because Edmonton was dirty. The CFL looked at the game film and fined 5 B.C. players and 1 Edmonton player.

The fact is, I don't personally think of any team as being dirty and they rarely are when they are your team. B.C. for instance had players like Jiminez and Murphy who some would describe as dirty, I do not recall any player on any team, challenging that because there may be players in B.C. that played a certain way that the team is dirty. Saying the a player is dirty does not imply that a team is dirty. I for instance, Hunt said that the league should watch Wojt for whatever reason, that is one thing but to blanket state that Edmonton is dirty, that is where IMHO, Mr. Hunt crossed the line.

The entire purpose of this post was and is to point out how childish Mr. Hunt was in his tirade and to be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.