California Tryout Camps starting April Argos- Win- R.R.

Open tryouts start April in California - 2 in Texas - Florida - Chicago

3 teams

Toronto Argonauts - Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Saskatchewan R.R.


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The Riders have had open tryouts all around the states in February and March as well. They've been announcing/reminding on Twitter. I think there was going to be a total of 10 or 12 (including the ones you mentioned above).

Definitely going heavy on the recruitment side of things with the new regime.

The Ticats are in Florida doing tryouts and then up to Virginia. The same with Ottawa, all CFL teams are dong the open try outs.

There is so much talent in the States it is ridiculous. I also think the CFL should look to Poland, Scotland, Russia, Japan, American Samoa for O & D linemen. Fast WR & Corners in FL, Linebackers in TX, OK, PA, OH. Kickers are everywhere. There is absolutely NO GOOD REASON why the CFL cannot have a minimum ten team league and possibly a twelve city CFL. Get the scouts out there now gentlemen.

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Hey hey hey… let’s get the talent headed our way! :partying_face:

And don’t forget this little goldmine:

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