California free agent camp


I spoke with Obie following today's news conference for newly signed Zac Carlson, Simeon Rottier (pronounced ROW-teer) and Darcy Brown. He says they have put a handful of players from this past weekend's California free agent camp on their neg. list. Obie says they'll likely sign 4 or 5 of them (WR, DB, LB) and have their training camp roster set this week.


Rick what about Dline
any news on Correy Mase.

The last time I spoke with Obie about Mace (last Thursday), he said that if he doesn't sign with an NFL team in the next week or so, he'll likely sign with the Ticats.

As a player, you want to be playing instead of sitting on the outside looking in.

From the Ticats perspective, they get an up and coming player.

From Mace's point of view, he gets to earn a paycheque and build his highlight reel for possible NFL employment down the road.

My gut tells me Mace will be in a Ticats uniform when training camp rolls around. That's just my 2 cents.


I certainly hope so. I think our D-line is still our biggest weakness right now and getting Mace in before training camp will be a big step in changing that. Hopefully they can lock him in for a 2-year contract.

Mace would be a huge addition for the TiCats if he doesn't get signed by an NFL team.

THe team appears to be shaping up well, although I do share the opinion that our D Line needs some work. Hopefully, Mace will be in the Hammer for camp.

Rick: Thanks for your great work on CHML, your blog and here. I look forward to your updates and listen to you daily.

About Mace..

It may take him a season or so to adapt to the DT role he would play in the CFL because of his size. He was a DE in college and in the NFL but at 290 lbs he will 100% be a DT in the CFL.

If he does come to the CFL people should not expect great things from him right away as he will be playing out of position.

Agreed as he'll be doing something else he's not used to ... playing. It may take a few games to get the rust off, reaquire timing, instincts, stuff like that.

I agree with this. My take is that we will see Mace in camp and that Bekasiak will be pushed in the DT sweeps as he returns to the D-line. Matt Kirk is also in that mix -- but JP and Corey have the size to be pluggers in the middle of our line. We need to get an impact pressure end even more, IMHO. Let us hope that emerges during camp.

Oski Wee Wee,

Kirk will likely be a back-up as will Bekisiac. Guillory will have one DE spot, McIntyre will probably have the other, Mace will have 1 DT spot and Adams will have the other. Backups will likely be: Scott Mcuaig DE, Jermaine Reid DL, Matt Kirk DT, Bekisiak DT, Morrow DL, Alan Harper DL.Just an educated guess though :lol:

I'm hoping Alex Morrow has a great camp for us, he looks like the most promising young talent we have so far... At 23 years of age and 6'6" 270lbs we could possibly have freak Defensive Tackle on our hands.

If Mace does show up for our training camp and he can slim down a bit we could possibly keep him playing his natural position. With that being said if he isn't fast enough to be a Canadian rush end I still have no problem with him playing DT beside Adams or whoever wins the job coming out of training camp..

Nice to hear that there is still potentially some more import talent coming in from another camp. Import talent has been one of the short-comings of the team over the past few years. We seem to be bringing in a lot of new faces to challenge our roster, which can only be a positive thing.

Also good to hear that there is still a pretty good chance that Mace could sign before the season starts. I think he could be a great addition, although I expect he will not be CFL game ready right out of camp.

I expect the front seven of our defence will be a work in progress. The addition of Greg Marshall could prove to be an extremely valuable one. If he can solidify this group, the team will definately do much better this year.


It is our Weak Spot IMO

McFadden for DE

Oh, well after all the hype he better have something significant for us in terms of contribution. It takes everyone a few games to get going, that is fine. But I can see it now, all season long, the Mace fans saying "you gotta understand, he's playing out of position...he's in NFL shape not CFL shape...he's not used to playing a yard off the ball" etc etc.

If he is ready then, great, play him. If he's not, don't try to make him fit just because we have some kind of perceived investment in him.

I hope he's as good as everyone thinks he is. :thup:

Apparently, as far as Mr. Mace is concerned
signing with the Hamilton Ticats is a last resort.

He fired his agent because he couldn't find
an NFL team that wanted him this off season

and recommended that he sign with Hamilton.

if he signs with us, he better show the proper attitude
and perform at a few notches above the rest

or the coaches won't want him on the team
no matter how much talent he has.

the clock is ticking....

I would Sent The Rights to Mace to Argos In Return for 1st round this year.
we could then Drafted the Top two Players in Draft.

Just because the guy isnt giving up on his nfl dream without a fight doesnt mean he has a bad attitude.

And coaches who rank attitude ahead of talent are fools, players who work harder in the offseason and train harder than everyone else on the team earn the right to have a bit of an attitude.