Calgary's uniforms

I have a website all my own...BUWAAH! The first order of business was to take all the RBK jerseys and make them look better by some computer tricks. I'm interested to see if people like what I did. For Calgary, I'm particularly proud of the away jersey. (That black jersey number on it doesn't look good.) Feel free to see what I did for all the teams. For the Stamps as a jumping point go to [url][/url] (Yeah, my favourite CFL player is your backup QB. Go figure.)

Rather see Calgary adopt their 2nd logo as the main logo, and go back to their 2004 uniforms.

But I think they should change their thirds to your 1st third design, and add a cowboy hat logo on the sheaves.

Did you use paint?


Yes, it is Paint. (But if I said that in my first post, NO ONE would visit my site.) If you can suggest something better, I would seriously consider it.

Those are brutal why would you even show them it looks like a 2 year old colored over them. :lol:

Photoshop, my friend. Photoshop.
It can do wonders. :slight_smile:

So I take it you did this for him!