Calgary's TD Dances

I think they are going over the top, and should recieve peneltys for their TD dances. Its Unsportsmen like. I little jig is one thing, but the bobsled, the relay races, jump rope. Its too Much

At least when they're dancing they are not piling on their own teammate after he scores a touchdown, to the point where he cannot even breathe and needs help from the training staff.

Entertainment for sure!

Love the touchdown celebrations.


i love the TD dances....but if every team did it, it might become too much.

its only one game per week you see them, it its not bad.

It kinda sounds like its OK for one team but not for everyone

no...i mean, if every team did it, i would find it excessive...TD celebrations every TD every game...

but right now, its only one team, one game only 3 TDs per i can enjoy it.

Winnipeg’s TD dances are starting to look better and better everyday.

I dont think it will be long before every team does it.

The Winnipeg CPR on the ball after the INT was pretty stupid if you ask me.

Calgary can dance all they want and lose. If Nik Lewis concentrated on his play as much as learning his dance routines maybe he could be a force in this league.

Dance all you want in September, the only dance that counts is in November.

I’m with you in the minority ro1313, if I want dancing, I’ll watch dancing with the stars :roll:

I wish the Officials would blow time in quicker so the dancers pickup a time-count penalty. Then the coaches would make it stop!

well at least we wont have to put with it this friday.

The boys in red will need lots of their old stuff because the new stuff will be done with in the first quarter.

hank dont like the cold and snow, he is gonna be sliding and fumbling bumbling all over the field......

Actually he plays great in those conditions. I wonder how Glen will like the Abdulah brothers! He will get to be good friends quickly.

they will have to say hello to mr wilson and mr jones on their way, the trench war in this one will be the game inside the game.

I personnaly hates it when it takes 2-3 minutes to do the routine.

But, I found the Calgary Bobsled (vs Mtl) & 4 man ball relay (vs EDM), very entertaining !

I still say they are all childish. opinion on the dances, as posted in the same thread running int he Calgary forum...

....I have coached sports before and while I do not profess to be at the same level of Higgins there is one things that we both know....that is what ever it takes to build team chemistry, to allow your players to relate with each other and bond, you let it happen, but only if it is not detrimental to the team's far I can't see how any of the TD celebrations take-away from the team's performance, so my 'coaching opinion' is you let it continue as it is clearly important to the players involved and is a motivational tool for them.....

....these are professional athletes, and if any of you think that this hurts their on-field performance I'd have to say you're wrong.....

.....on the subject of whether this entertains or hurts the game itself, well, public opinion is pretty much tied at 50/50....