Calgary's strengths and weaknesses

Ok, what's the lowdown on the Stampeders?

Sounds like they're having trouble clicking on offence too. (Could it be that infamous short training camp and pre-season that the CFL is known for?)

Stamps Need Tune Up

Emotions Reined In

Hank's in the Tank Early

Do we go after Burris, or do we want him throwing?

What's the scoop on their "D"?

The bad news is that Calgary have assembled a good team, have a strong coaching staff, and have home field advantage.

The good news is that Maas has played successfully for their coaches (Higgins, when he coached Edmonton two years ago) so he knows their tendancies from when he was in Edmonton, has played well against Calgary over the last few years, and the Tiger-Cats have something to prove.

This one is a toss-up.

I'd go after him. He'll end up throwing the ball quickly, with a bad read; or trying to ground it(intentinal grounding). The Esks d-line is completely different from last year, but we managed to get some pretty decent pressure on him that turned into some sacks.

Although Burris is essentially known for throwing picks under pressure, his recievers(nik lewis, and jermaine copeland) are pretty quick at getting away from DB's and finding an opening. ex. Game 1 of the season w/ 3 mins. left when he had time to air the ball to the endzone on a 3/10 without much pressure on him.

The bad news is that Maas has played successfully for their coaches (Higgins, when he coached Edmonton two years ago) so they know Maas' tendancies from when he was in Edmonton.

:twisted: (sorry. couldn't resist)

One "x-factor" player for the Stamps is former NFL wide receiver Scotty Anderson. According to various NFL-related websites, he was a deep threat during his stints with the Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He missed the first two games of the 2006 CFL regular season due to injury (so there is only pre-season game film on him) but he is apparently ready to play in the game against Hamilton.

I'm currently taking bets on how many times Kornegay will get lit up.

That being said, we HAVE to rush LBs. Screw rushing with your DBs, that is fruitless and they're going to start picking us apart if we do that. Have the safety stay back and pick up any receivers who break coverage, and finally, make sure you close the pocket quickly...

Also, don't forget about reynolds, or he'll run it all over us.

I'm not so sure he'd get lit up. I remember him losing some step for step battles with Brazell last year, but that's veteran vs. rookie and in this case, Kornegay was covering very well.

However, it looks like Bradley will get the start at corner as Cody is moved inside.

Their big strength in their LBs. They acturally know which ones to start.