Calgary's QBs

After watching last nights Game against the Als, I'm SOOOO glad we have four QBs on the roster!

Tate - I hope he can someday stay healthy and be the QB that we see flashes of.
Glenn - Consumate professional and the "Rodney dangerfield" of CFL QBs. Hope this injury is not serious.
BLM - Nice to see him in a game, even if it was because of injuries and I was impressed to see what he could do with a half of football.
Sinnapoli - QB turned Receiver/fourth string QB ... This guy is doing it all for us!


..sinapoli may the first QB in history to throw a touchdown pass to himself :lol:

..we are truly blessed with this stable of QBs, insert any of them and we have a chance (Tate pending)...

I'm so excited about the "trick play" possibilities with two QBs on the feild at the same time ...

Direct snap to Sinipoli who stops and passes back accross the field to Nick Lewis for another Calgary Stamps TD! or ...

Pitch to Sinipoli who runs to the the wide side of the field and tosses to (Insert your favorite receiver, RB, FB, etc here) for a Stamps TD! or ...

lateral to Sinipoli who tosses to the now open and forgotten BLM who rumbles in for another Stamps TD!

Don't try to tell me someone in the Stamps office hasn't thought about these possibilities!

:D :D :rockin: :D :D :cowboy:

Yup, lucky to have a deep stable of QB's, other than Tate of course. If a QB can't stay healthy for more than 2 games he's of no use to anyone regardless of how much talent he "may" have. Maybe its that visor he wears that irks me?? not sure why he needs it. Last guy to wear one??? Nylon Greene, and we know what happened with him.

LBM looked pretty good,

I just wanted to point out that I "called" the trick play. I realize it didn't work, BUT now every defensive coordinator in the league has to scheme against this possibility. :rockin:


I missed most of that game. Is there a video anywhere of the play?

It was in the Calgary vs Winnipeg Game. BLM Pitched to Sinopoli and then Sinopoli tried to find an open receiver only to get run down. I think it was third quarter, but can't remember for sure (three weeks ago now :wink: ).


I stand corrected;

I originally posted that we had 4 QBs on the roster …
After last nights game I realize that we seem to have FIVE QBs on the roster.

  1. Tate :expressionless:
  2. Glenn :slight_smile:
  3. Mitchell :rockin:
  4. Sinipoli :slight_smile:
  5. Maver :wink:

I’m not certain, but that particular “trick play” isn’t that the third or fourth time we have run it?

Go Stamps Go! :rockin:


Yes i think they have done it at least three or four times now.

When I saw maver pull the ball up to throw I started yelling "oh god no!" as we were so deep in our end, it would have been a disaster if they didn't get it done.

I think it was a very gutsy call, and still a bad idea given how much time was left in the game, but hats off to them for pulling it off.

And then going for it on third and six, in our end with over two minutes left... Huff has stones for sure. Glad he's on our side.

I'd have to check the stats, but has Maver thrown for more yards than Tate this year? :roll:

Sorry, I couldn't resist! :twisted: