Calgary's qb drought is alive and well

the 90's brought some wicked talent, but we're burning in hel l for it now.

nothing wrong with burris, just not one of his better nights is all. Why is it that a player has to be perfect every game in order for fans not to turn on him? sheesh

Burris can’t beat BC. Plain and simple.

...its not Burris....our O-line could not contain the very powerful BC D-Line...Henry had no time tonight...

Burris can't beat BC. He's always had trouble with them. We certainly have his number.

bullsh it. I’d say you’re maybe 30% correct. he has had pressure. but that’s what the quick outs are for. this is not the only game I basing it off of. TO game and edmonton loss’. He makes very bad decisions under pressure. What is it now 4 or 5 interceptions for td’s? 35 points in the 3 games just from him alone?

I’ve had season tickets for 15 years. so give me some credit.

so give me some credit
ok, how much do your need and whats your collateral

....I can't say it was ALL the O-line's fault, I'll give you that matrix....pretty bad effort all 'round on our part....

I expect a different game next week, we'll see.

Burris was half decent, your O line was not...and Stamp fans say Kevin Glenn is not a starter in this league when the Bombers have made Ten replacements on the O line this year Hahahahahha...haaa..Go happy feet Burris

well if burris' WRs focused more on working on their game instead of dancing, maybe he would be better. Those clowns that the stamps call WRs are a joke, these guys haven't dominated the cfl or break any records, they are not in the same level as milt stegall or geroy simon. Yet thsoe fools ( yes im talkimg bout copeland and lewis) act like they are the best thing since sliced bread and jerry rice.

the oline is huge, but so is BCs defence which is probably the biggest improvement for them from last season, Dave Ritchie has done a great job.

...Henry looked looked like he was getting picked a lot more than usual..but beyond that....that was a heartless performance from the stamps...something, i thought ,i wouldn't see...especially in an important game like this one...welllll there's always next week... :roll:

McManus should be put in sooner. Even if to settle Burris down. McManus looked very sharp being patient in the 4th quarter. Henry is very slow to warm up some games. Put in McManus. Like Edmonton used to do with Wilkinson and Moon.