Calgary's Playoff Situation

Which option out of the four do you think is going to happen?

I think Calgary will maintain third in the west with Saskatchewan crossing over.

All I can say is I would love a Sask/Calgary semi and Edmonton can crossover as far as I like. Edmonton crossing over gives us the best chance of an all-western Grey Cup, something that would be just plain awesome to put in simple words. All-western Grey Cup...

.......that would be......excuse the pun.......freaking unreal.......

That would be awesome, the TV execs would hate it though.

I think Calgary can hold off Sask and take 3rd while Sask crosses over. Edmonton should snap out of their slump.

Edmonton finishes 2nd, Riders finish 3rd and Stamps cross over. Would love to see a Lions/Stamps Grey Cup. Stamps are my 2nd favourite team.

Still think Riders are a little bit better than Stamps without Burris but not by much.

Sask is all hard opponents down the stretch including two games in BC, and a game in Edmonton. So we either bring our A game each week or go home. This schedule will make or break us where as the Stamps have an easy schedule I believe.

Actually now that the Stamps are tied with Edmonton.....Could Edmonton be the cross over?

Heres the newest Hugh Camplbell plot. The West is kicking butt against the East, SO Hughie throws the last few games so he gets the cross over and has the easier Eastern Teams. BC has to play a tough Calgary team in the Western Final who always gives BC fits. Edmonton then beats a beatup injured BC Team in the Grey Cup!!!

Naw....never happen....Just my vivid imagination.....

We do have an easy schedule, staying in 3rd should be a snap… but I also think that Edmonton’s slide will continue, and we will take 2nd.

........I tried to be really unbiased in this and looked at the remaining scheds for Sask, Calg and Edm........I wouldn't dare say this in the open forum as the rider fans are drunk with passion after yesterday's beating of the argos and would gut anyone who dared dis their chances so the buddhist in me is hoping for some covertness in our forum room.....

Calgary's remaining games: Montreal, Hamilton, @ Sask, @ Winn, Edm
I think we'll beat Ham, Winn and Edm and lose to Montreal and Sask leaving us with a 10-8 record

Sask's remaining games: @ BC, Montreal, @ Edm, Calgary, @ BC
I think they'll beat Montreal and Calgary but lose both games to BC and the one in Edmonton leaving them with a 9-9 record

Edm's remaining games: BC, @ Hamilton, @ Toronto, Sask, BC, @ Calg
I think they'll beat Hamilton and Sask but split the series with BC and lose the Toronto and Calg games leaving them also with a 10-8 record but lose the tie-breaker to Calgary due to wins........

Sask however does beat Ottawa's record of 7-11 and crosses over to take on Montreal in the Big O, beats montreal based on adrenilin but comes up short against a revengeful argonaut team......

Edmonton can't repeat a LDC win in the western final against Calagry and looses a close one.......RedandWhite makes the trip to BC Place the next weekend to watch his stamps get completely hammered by BC........

BC over argos in the GC.........

....course this could all be wrong too........and that little disclaimer should keep this post from haunting me later.........

Although I think the Riders are playing great right now, you guys do have an easier schedule then both Sask and Edm. Having Sask and Edm both playing B.C. is a big advantage for you. I think we'll finish 10-8, winning both home games against Montreal and Calgary and getting one road win out of the 3 other games.

I think it'll come down to the Calgary/Edm game to see who will take second place. With Edmonton and Calgary both sporting 9-8 records coming into the game. The winner finishes with a 10-8 record and because they beat Saskatchewan in the season series (points) they will take second place.

All three team will make the play-offs though.

.........too late to edit my prediction, wow, it stood for almost six hours.......

Actually your prediction can still stand. You said B.C. and Edm will split the series. Well to split the series B.C. just has to win the next game.

........yeah, but I was figuring on BC taking the game last night then losing the second one when it is cold and miserable in edmonton in late october.....

BC will win the second game.. they should have won last night. It was a lack of heart that allowed them to lose that one, they won't have the same problem coming back.

i said third place...i just don't know if they can beat edmonton out. Hopefully they do

Western Division Final Standings

B C 14 04
EDM 13 05
SSK 09 09
CAL 09 09


Second place just got a bit closer. If you win 4 out of your last 5 games. Its a makeable possibility. Edmonton could be caught!

Edmonton already is caught. All 3 teams in the race for second now have 6 loses as of right now, so if Sask and Calgary win everything from here on Edmonton will be 4th place regardless of what happens with them. Thank you Hamilton!!!

they aren't caught till the stamps or riders have the same amount of wins. Could happen for either team tonight, could happen for neither as well.

.........Sask is looking too powerful now, third will be settled by a season ending battle of alberta game........good job Riders...........don't know what Danny has done to instill confidence in Crandell but he is looing more and more like a contender for the cup again.......