Calgary's opening TD????

How on earth would they allow Calgary's opening TD by Rambo??? He caught the ball down around the Lions' 3 yard line. His rear end was clearly on the turf with the ball craddled in the bread basket [stomach] as soon as he caught it. The ball only broke the plane after he slid across the goal line. Why would that be allowed and not challenged by Buono? Since when do they award an additional 2 or 3 yards because of player momentum let alone a scoring major? Ridiculous!

because this isnt college football ball you have to be down by contact and he was not contacted might be right. I thought he was touched. I gotta see it again in the replay. If he wasn't touched then my bad. But if he was....... :x

You were right mavdb23. I saw the highlights and Rambo wasn't touched as he slid into the end zone. It was a good TD!