Calgary's first TD

Question that I haven’t heard an answer for.

Was Burris over the line of scrimmage when he hrew the ball?

From my vantage point it appeared he was a yard or two over.

Anyone else?

watching the game this morning replays show that his right foot was inches away from his line of scrimmage before he threw the ball so it was a legal pass

Everyone in our section sure thought he was over scrimmage. The Hamilton bench didn't seem to think so at the time and didn't question it. I guess the replay on tv, as 1tccat says, shows it was close. I think the bench should have challenged it anyway, never know!

I Watched the Game When I got Home
The TSN Crew Said He just threw before he was.

i think they should've challenged it also at the time. what made it look like he was over the line was after he threw the ball his left foot landed over the line but was in the air when he threw it