Calgary's fifth quarter

On my way home from McMahon stadium last night I turned on 770 CHQR (the 900 CHML of Calgary) to listen their version of the fifth quarter. While listening to the callers I found something very interesting.

Everyone of them that I heard had basically the same thing to say. They said they are happy about the win, BUT, IT WAS ONLY HAMILTON.

It was very disturbing to me as a Ti-Cat fan.

I wouldn’t let the arrogance of some fans bother you. Let Calgary run out of the gates on their high horses. Look at what happened to them last year! Perhaps next week will be the time to tame the wild horses!

Believe in karma! :wink:

amen brother :slight_smile:

Oh, but I am a sister!!

My bad :slight_smile:

Amen sister!

Henry Burris played a very good game. The receivers caught the balls. Their defence was good.

The main question i would ask is how does calgary stay under the salary cap with all those high price receivers and qb

The salary cap, aka Salary Management System only matters at the end of the season. All teams have to be under it by then. Right now, it would appear that the teams have a free for all in spending. But they will have to somehow reduce their payroll by November 3rd to comply.

The truth hurts. Let's not sugar coat things. Those Calgary fans aren't being arrogant. All they're really saying is beating a team that could only manage 4 wins last season has to be kept in perspective. Until the Cats win some games, they won't have any respect nor should they. Last night, they got beat by 4 converted TDs and couldn't manage even one of their own. It wasn't even close.

As for who is and who isn't abiding by the salary cap, I'd worry more about Montreal who refuses to submit its books for a league audit. Every other team has done so.

An Argo-Cat fan

It's true ,they only beat the last place team in the whole league (last year),no big deal and a true statement after the first game.

Ti-Cats have to earn respect ...

What I find ironic is Calgary fans are not happy with Burris,man he looked good !

As for the salary cap ,the joke continues with CFL managers shuffling $$$ under the rug (?) and following the cap on paper.

The team that appears to be at the trough the most is Argos as usual.

Fine on paper $$,no sweat , just give me an entertaining football team to watch ,our owner & GM are on the right's a bit steep !

...I find it disturbing that you can see writing on the wall.
Calgary went 10- 8 in 2006 / Ticats 4- 14
Calgary went 11-7 in 2005 / Ticats 5 -13
So if you really look at it why should they be surprised at the outcome knowing we are going through a complete Team / management overhaul (again)in 2007? :cowboy:

Same thing happened when I went to Edmonton last year, only it was one of the Edmonton players who said it, namely, the recently "retired" Ed Hervey.

Oh, and of course you might remember that the Ti-Cats cleaned their clocks. Hervey said "We lost to Hamilton, implying that was embarrassing.