Calgary's draft

hello Stamps fans out there
Can anyone enlighten me as to why Calgary drafted the way they did.For one thing I thought they needed a kicker/punter but don't draft one. Also they need a GOOD Fullback since that numskull Dunnigan traded away a real one for someone that isn't even on the team any longer. then they draft 3 O-line guys and 2 of them were not even mentioned in the Evaluation thing. Or am I just not in the know and the 3rd&4th round drafts are good players.
A Stamps fan from B.C.

My thoughts:

The key intent to the draft is not so much improve your team tomorrow, it's more to improve your team for next year or the year after. Some of the players drafted are still in their school option year or maybe headed to the NFL. Unlike the NFL draft which sometimes features freaks of nature in Grade 12 ready to play the pro game right away, the CFL tends to groom their draftees before throwing them onteh field of battle. So our picks yesterday were more stragetic than tactical.

With an aging front line, McNeil and Crysdale, some young guns will be required in a year or so. This will allow Jay and Jamie to not have to push too hard during practice, allowing the younguns to take reps more. Hence the Oline picks.

Robede is simply an animal, too good to pass up. He has been consistently double-teamed and is an absolute QB hunter. Shh, between you and I the other teams in the CFL will shudder at facing our D once Miguel gets up to speed.

Kicking? yeah, we probably need help there, look for a trade. we have two non-imports as well as Herbert vying for the K/P duties. I think we may be in some trouble in that spot but we couldn't pass up on long term improvements to seek a KP right away.

As far as a RB, Edmonton fared well with just Pringle last year, look for Burrato to run a lot of single back formations with pulling tackles and SBs to provide blocking. If we develope a RB through training camp maybe some I formations in short yardage situs will happen. I dunno, again we coul dhave drafted a RB but look to develope one first......