Calgarys Dancing Fools

Thats too bad that Copeland and his posse wasted a dance routine on a touchdown that got called back. :lol:

I think Calgary receivers should stop thinking about dances and think more about catching the ball, ive seen at least 4-5 drops vs BC and 2 drops by Thurman in the endzone. :stuck_out_tongue: In the First half.

Copeland is the main culprit IMO, and Lewis is a very close second.

well 1 of them wont be dancing :stuck_out_tongue: Burris just got pulled :lol: all that practicing for nothin 8)

Looks like Thurman is reverting to the form he showed in Regina, dropping easy passes.

Yeah if he keeps this up he’ll be finding another team. I think it was 2 touchdown passes last night.

The only dancing fools I know are Rider fans or Bomber fans! They were not on the list!

So the two drops for TDs by Thurman are an abberation?

The sad thing about this poll is that, the votes are pretty even, so it shows that the whole team is full of that

i knew sooner or later :lol: u couldnt resist makin a comment on this topic :lol:

.....taking this poll at face value, I'd say Thurmon is the odd man out right now in the quintet.....Copeland and Lewis lead this bunch with smooth moves and are definately the creative force leading the crew, the Jagger/Richards of the group so to speak.......Rambo would come next, a little off to the side but still an important part of the ensemble.....then Burris, who may or may not make it to the group in the endzone depending on how far away the LOS was or if he got knocked on his a$$ during the play.....then Thurmon, who might be finding himself on the outer ring of the troupe having dropped a couple of nicely delivered his moves are a little rusty having been in Sask last year....

...bringing up the rear would be Higgins and Creehan, who can both dance up a mean hoe-down but can't quite nail down the newest hip-hop actions.......

No just a bad habit he has to get rid of that he learned from the riders! Lets see did he not get two touchdowns against the riders last game with the riders losing very very badly! What was that score Sambo? Enlighten us will you!

Must be a rider fan using the crap word again! You guys are fasinated by that stuff!

So BGM you are a fan of mine! Thanks I am glad you look forward to my posts!

Probably not a fan :? just waiting for you too talk and make a fool of yourself :lol:


Squirley the only fool you know is the one you look at while looking into a mirror! In fact you do fool very well do you teach! :lol:

I like dancing actually and we have dancin Gabe in Winnipeg who I quite like. Maybe a better poll would be ...whose fana are the best dancers, hecklers, dressers,drinkers stc.
The dancin thing works when your team is winning and its your team
when your losing or its the opposition its irritating I don`t care what team does it. The old Bomber routines used to amuse me somewhat but I always understood how irritating they most have been to other fans. is window dressing really. I like when a player gives it too the other teams bench...especially when they can back it up. its just part of the game. My personal belief is that none of that stuff should be penalized unless it slows the game down or endangers the saftey of players or fans. If a player reacts to that stuff its there own discipline problem and that should be penalized. It fun or stupid or cool or whatever...not a real big deal in my book