@ Calgary

Rider team has been in every game against their opponents, chances are Riders D get rewarding success to give Stampeder team problems. A them team to get beat by the us team.

Stamps have not looked great this season TBH, or at least inconsistent. They will be out for blood though.

Will be interesting to see how their health is....especially on the lines. I believe Hughes will be back...and that is massive for the Stamps....that has been a nightmare for them...but Davis, Law and Turner are still out, then Mayo as well. Riders need to take advantage of that and assuming Hushes is back that is going to be an awesome battle to watch with Dennis.

The Stamps were also concerned about their OL coming into the season...primarily on the NI front. With 3 or 4 out I think this is the only time I recall Huf not having someone on the PR....I will give them credit though, the patched OL has played better every week....but Bo is looking a lot less Bo with the OL he has now.

Will also be interesting to see if Messam is in the game. I assume it will be a fine....but he did get ejected, so you never know.

Their secondary will look a lot better as their starting Corners now have one game back under their belts.

Yes I also believe the Riders will win this one.
Riders beating Calgary will with certainty confirm for most, they are far far better then their record would suggest! :cowboy:

I missed the Hamilton game on vacation, but it sounded like a much better showing, especially by our defence. While I’m still skeptical of this team being playoff calibre as a whole, I think a win in Calgary would go a long way to convince me. Might have to be an ugly road win, but as long as we bring pressure (with at least 4 or 5 rushers) and establish a run game, we’ve got a chance.

"I really believe that team (#Riders) was pretty good except for QB play last year."
"Kevin Glenn is playing well." - Dave Dickenson

I will add the total lack of an OL coach who had a clue was an issue.

Of the laundry list of problems we had last year, Quarterbacking was just about at the bottom. Still is this year, as KG is playing pretty well so far too. If history has taught us anything, that won't continue all season, but hey, maybe he bucks his own trend.

It will take all 3 phases playing well, no stupid penalties, no turnovers and no wide open Stinks receivers to win.

The Stinks are beatable.

Go Riders Go

For sure they are, seeing how they did against Montreal, I think we have a decent chance at home against them as long as we play D as we did in the Hamilton game (rushing 4 or 5) and a limited turnover game from our O.

That said, Calgary has a way of rebounding from bad games, and may take out some frustration on us... :?

I'm ready for either outcome.

The games in calgary

Sorry, I meant in their "home".

I like our offensive performance so far this season. But this is a true test. Don't forget, the Stamps lost the Cup in OT and those Stamps who remain should be royally pissed. I fully expected this team to go 18-0 after the way they lost the GC but that has been decided already and gaps have been exposed. They look 'beatable'. Riders need a full effort on all three sides of the ball. But hey, if Proulx is reffing, we're done at the coin toss.

CFL=Challenge Football League

This league is a joke. Dickenson can't get a first down so he has to challenge his way down the field. He counter challenges after Jones wins an obvious no-catch challenge (don't get me started on the crap officiating where they can't see the blatantly obvious, standing 10 yards away looking directly at it).

They just missed a blatant 2 stride offside on a Cgy receiver (easy to see in "realtime" looking down the LoS), but caught the Riders ...bush league! That's why they're there, to catch it in realtime! Admittedly some are hard to catch, but not the ones they're missing. It's not just this game, they're missing obvious calls in other games. It's almost like they're making vanilla calls and rely on coaches to challenge.

This is the first game I've watched this season. This illegal contact challenge rule has officially killed the league.

First time in 50 years I have turned a game off ... the missed off side by, 5 feet and no call on the late hit out of bounds was the last straw. Love the riders but can't watch that nonsense ..

Lol JimmytheGreek is doing just fine thanks. So you were saying that the team is playing with character? Sure didn't show tonight. Loved Carter getting the Stamps all fired up before the game as if they needed it.

The team beat a bad Hamilton team and then got schooled tonight.

Yes but where was this character that Jones brings to this team? Sure they got going in the second half but I also think the Stamps had a bit of a snooze after coasting to a 17 point lead in the first half. Once the Riders got within one score the Stamps woke up again and never looked back. Honestly if Bo was sharp the Stamps get at least two more majors as Bo missed a couple of wide open receivers with no one around them ( yeah that was happening all night I know) So again if Bo was sharp this game would have been a major blow out.

on the bright side, 14 more games... miss play-offs... The Jones experiment ends... this was a sad looking team, there are some really bright spots here, but lots of bad... our D still sucks, the front O line like last year... can't stop crap... and again.. out QB has to run for his life.... ohh yah... DD was doing that all last year. but he was a average QB... Jones Bite me... I will say it again... cheap pay, cheap players, cheap team... BC will slaughter us.... this was a good test for the season... time will tell... :roll:

I wish I could say I was surprised by tonight's result. We hung in there for a while though, and if we are down to counting moral victories again, that 3rd quarter was really good. However overall, we aren't in the same class as the rest of the west save for maybe Winnipeg.

Is it a Jones thing? Well, I guess so, since he holds pretty much every important position with the club. I suppose I still have patience and we should be nowhere near talk of firing or anything like that. But patience is not infinite, nor will Jones time here.

I must admit though, I am sometimes having trouble seeing exactly where this team has improved over last year or the year before.

Shocked how flat they came out in this one. I know it is always a risk out of a bye but that was pretty bad...looked like I thought they would in the 2nd, which was equal....zero adjust on O in the first half is disappointing though and the fact they did not gameplan for a returning hughes is baffling....everyone knows he is game change. The OL was night and day between 1st and 2nd half.

The missed offside by the refs was pretty brutal...it was pretty plain as day. Not sure how you see one side jump but not the other over by 4 yards.