Bring them on ,this is our year to kick ass. thinking we have to go for broke. GO RIDERS .

that game with bc was just a game to get players hurt,gald we did better than bc with players not getting hurt .

Calgary is beatable if we play them like we have BC. Need intensity right from the start

It all boils down which team comes to play, and how well the O line plays and if DD can stay consistant for 4 quaters. Play-offs is a new season. I can only hope the hard hitting hard playing want to win team shows up, beyond that it won't really matter in the end.

All 3 phases O - D - Sp Teams have to show up and play their hearts out.

The Stumps can be beat.

The line of scrimmage will be a battle as always. Cory Sheets is very good out of the back field, has great hands on the reception part with a 10.6 average let alone running the ball too with 5.6 yards per carry. Should be a great game as both teams practised in the snow, although worse for Calgary.