On 3rd and 10 with the STAMPS down by 4 with about a minute + to go , BURRIS , scambles and almost looks dead and running out of room. He then throws the winning T.D. pass.

They would score another T.D. :thup:

THANKS CALGARY , for my perfect day.

THE ARGOS WIN , with their back up Q.B. :thup:

The OILERS are going to game 7 . :thup:

Calgary WINS , giving me 4 for 4 in the CFL game picks this week. :thup:

Congrats HT, drinks on me, eh? :wink:

I'M 2 out of 4.

heers mate!

that win was burris not letting his team lose.

Thanks , and some others went 4 for 4 , like , Third and Ten , RedandWhite , Argotom...ect... :thup:

... and Chris Shultz! We shouldn't brag !

Hey Kanga, you did just as good as Sancho the Dog, and you were beaten by the coin toss !

Always next week, hopefully I go prefect for the first time ever.

I wonder how well I did on the player thing.

sorry we had to snatch that one from ya at the last second little Eskies.

The team needs to be better next week tho.

ENJOY the revenge!

i went 3-1...the so called 'best defence' lost to the 'worst o-line'...sheesh

ya baby ,



Oilers are a joke and the Ticats and Riders will prevail

Yah for sure. The "joke" team that is in game 7 of the stanley cup final... :roll:

Well stop picking the Bombers and you might finally get it !

I was 2-2 for week 1, and my only regret was not using the method it appeared that 3rd and 10 used, and that was to pick the home teams in week 1. At least until there are some patterns established in the CFL, as to who is going to be a good team and who is not.
I'm not jealous, just envious because I wish I had used the same method, then I'd have been 4-0 also, instead of 2-2. I lost by taking Hamilton and Saskatchewan, using the theory that they improved themselves the most in the dispersal draft, and it would show right away on the field, but I was wrong. I'll see how that changes my thinking for week 2.

pickin all the road teams in week 2, looks to be a safe bet.