Calgary @ Winnipeg

Horrible effort by the BB on all aspects.
Almost like my Argos last night.

I think Winnipeg is the worst team in the league. They may have 3 wins, but they seem to get blown out week after week whereas Sask is actually competitive. I think Sask will get its first win against the Bombers.

The big boo birds have had enough of this hog wash.

Pretty sad to watch the Bombers, and this year, you can't use the "our starter is injured" excuse with Franklin, Harris, and Cato all doing good things with their respective teams.

Which begs the question is O'Shea done at the end of the year?

Your right there is no excuse for the Bombers they just suck and have done so for 25 years.

They are not worth any money to watch. Number of empty seats at IGF is going to be huge when the Jets and Moose seasons begin.

They are going to have to advertise some cheap beer and Rum prices to get fans to go and watch that pathetic team. They are not even competitive.

36-8 Calgary final

Well, that game is mercifully over.

I bet Saskatchewan sweeps the Bombers in both the Labour day and Banjo bowl game.

Bombers will lose the remainder of their games.

You'd have to think so, given that O'Shea chose to keep Bellefeuille, whose offense has done zero whenever Willy has been out (which is often), and who also chose to hire Ritchie Hall, whose D hasn't been able to keep Winnipeg in games.

Dunigan circled Buck Pierce on the screen when they were discussing Winnipeg's QB situation. Given Marve's play this season, why not? 8)

Pull the plug on this team and save some alcoholic's.

Maybe I just uncovered something as I know my buddies that still have season tickets consume more liquor when the Bombers lose, so maybe losing is part of this teams financial management plan.

As long as they continue to get fans in the stadium and my buddies represent the norm. LOL

Winnipeg played fairly well. QB means everything in every league. Like 2 starts!!! BLM is very seasoned QB. Only 25

Thank goodness I PVR'ed the game....only took an hour to watch the Bombers get their butts kicked.

What?? " Winnipeg played fairly well ??" :roll: :roll:
A "very seasoned QB" ?? what does that mean? That was brutal.

BO L MITCHEL is a very seasoned QB who has been in the league 4 years and is only 25 and is having another great season.
How can any young new QB with 2 games under belt compare Dimjim??

Winnipeg is rebuilding again has some talent But NO QB today,makes every one play bad/desperate.
Point is JIM BO IF the qb's were exchanged in this game it would have been much closer

No need to be insulting I took BLM to mean Marve not Mitchell, you should have said Marve !!
If QBs exchanged it would have been much closer? seriously? one of them silly hypothetical situations.
How about if the Bombers had a decent QB and had a better running game or scored more points the game would have been closer.

Winnipeg couldn't even execute basic plays because of missed blocks, wrong routes run and inaccurate passing by the qb. Even with Willy, they are pretty much last in every offensive category. Either their players are just dumb and can't learn or they spent the last two weeks doing f-all to prepare for this game because their execution was worse than a junior game.