Calgary @ Winnipeg

No one watching tonight? :lol:

Never miss a stamps game. BLM looks a little shakey

Just turned it on. First play a flag, and a highly questionable call at that.

A runner? :lol: :roll:

I'm out. Another game taken over by the officials. I have better things to do with my time than watch a football game where no football is played.

Winnipeg needs help on the O-line. Their special teams tonight have been improved, though.

Just when I thought it was gonna be a defensive struggle, Rodgers gets into Winnipeg territory. :lol:

Well, a couple holding calls negated that big play.

You always say that though, it's getting old like mold.
Calgary leads 8-3 with just over 2 min. to go until the half.

Good grief. Can Calgary go one play without getting a penalty?

So what's happening? Did Calgary get a TD? How is Marve looking?

8-3 Calgary. Lots of penalties.

Hard to evaluate Marve; his O-line is hanging him out to dry.

BLM seems a bit overrated this season. I'm sure having a banged up o-line doesn't help, but he still just doesn't look like the player he used to be.

Rich Stubler and Richie Hall are the stars of that first half.

I agree, as a Calgary pick-off goes to the house - Stampeders lead 15-3

Looks like Winnipeg is imploding. Calgary can put this one away.

Blowout - 23-3 Calgary after TD and 2 pt. convert.

Yeah, a quick 15 points and this game’s over. I’m not sure who’s worse right now, Sask or Winnipeg.

Good field position, but can Winnipeg do anything with it...

To be determined next Sunday Sept. 6th at Taylor Field
FG Bombers - 23-6 Calgary

:oops: And to think I actually picked the Bombers in this one :? What was I thinking ? Nice avatar by the way taylor :wink:

Thanks bobo,
Bo-Levi is that good 8) TD Calgary - now lead 30-6