Calgary @ Winnipeg

Calgary can lock up 1st place. Go Bombers! :lol:

Think I'll make a screen capture of Chief saying: "Go Bombers!"

Forgot Willy wouldn't be starting. Probably should've picked Calgary. :x

This is going to get ugly early, I’m afraid.

Well, this is gonna be a blowout. :thdn:

Did Rowdy Rod just say that " Joe West can score touchdowns like butter".

need to play more wreckless ball Wpg show some guts on defense. get dirty and go after their QB straight blitz's your going to lose anyway so you may as well at least try to hurt them injury wise

Brohm can really put heat on the ball.

Yeah. I'd never encourage a player to go for the injury.

Horrible post. From start to finish.

Who woke up my Bombers?

looks like Wpg is getting the injuries and not calgary

seems to me that justice would injure some posters

should be going all in every play on defense. win big or lose big. At least they could maybe increase their sack tally. going to lose this game anyway and their season is already done. Give the fans something to cheer about

Would you like the Bombers to come out with bats and start swinging?

Who does Winnipeg have behind Brohm?

they picked up a waiter from tim hortons to play behind brohm

Put him in.

Robert Marve. Already in for short yardage play this game.

I hope next years draft is a strong one and that Winnipeg loads up on Canadian o-lineman as their o-line stinks. They should be picking 2nd overall behind Ottawa.