Calgary @ Winnipeg

So far what you’d expect from two new QBs, but a ton of penalties already. Probably going to be a sloppy game.

bomber D is making Mitchell look really good. They've taken away cornish early and Mitchell is doing a good job finding open receivers.

good quick response by the bombers.

Yeah. Nice work by Goltz to scramble and find an open man, then a quick toss for the TD.

Calgary responds with a stupid penalty, giving up a sack, a bad pass, and a shanked punt. Ouch.

Game is kind of sloppy, but its not boring.


The Ottawa RedBlacks are proud to select from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, NI receiver Kito Poblah.

Did you notice who got burned deep again? C. Muamba.

No kidding. hard to see how Poblah has any impact on this team anymore, barring multiple injuries.

Just waiting for his free agency when he signs with the Roughies.

To bad we couldn't have hung on to Kohlert,nice pick-up for you guys,we could use him right about now! :cry:

Tied kicking record!!!! ***

*** No not really, rule loophole.

Meh, you’ve got Stinky Stala coming back into the line up. Don’t see how anyone would prefer Kohlert over Stala :twisted: Guess we’ll have to hold on to Kohlert.

I don't remember him being so built last year. Not a bad replacement for Watson.

Congrats to Rene Paredes

Link to game online for those outside of US takes some clicking to get it going and don't be fooled to download the spyware/junkware:

[url=] ... eders.html[/url]

Wow cool Bo Levi Mitchell. That Greg Carr sure has been around the league enough already. What’s his deal? Four teams in four seasons with three of them since 2012? :?

Both QBs look very good so far. Mitchell looks cool and calm. Like he's a vet.
Goltz looks better than buck has this season.

Well I think both should be the new starting QBs should they keep this up.

All the same I like to see Tate and Glenn heal themselves.

The Stamps have the best problem in the league with 3 QBs each more than capable.

Winnipeg has no pass rush. What a mess since 2011 when they had that fearsome front on defence. Mitchell is solid but they are making it easy for him to just sit back and wait! At least make the QB move his feet and throw off balance.

Couple of quick offsides calls early in the game took out some of their early momentum.