Calgary, Winnipeg Injury Reports: Jefferson sits out on Wednesday

TORONTO — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Calgary Stampeders have provided their first injury reports of the week ahead of their game on Sunday.

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Could be a big game to determine playoff positioning

hmmmm....well there are 11 games remaining

B to B ( LDC & BB) games against the Rider vs Bombers will probably be a larger indication as to who is who.

Very important 4 point games when it's likely Sask, Calgary and Winnipeg fighting for home playoff games.

Winnipeg can go 2 games up and a tie breaker on Calgary. In a shortened season, that's important

Me things, Rider & Bombers are #1
& #2 in no particular order. Chucky Stupides & BC #3 & 4, the winner / losers gets the WEF.
Would be more fun if Rider placed #4
Then Bomber's could avenge the 2007 GC game

huh? :thinking:

Your spelling, (or typing) & Grammer skills needs work. You wrote "Me things", for "I think", Spelling for Calgary is not "Chucky"nor is "Stupides" for Edmonton. I give the benefit of the doubt you were not intending to insult, the Alberta teams & Fans!

Nope just making some fun, not intending to insult anyone, some words were changed re spell check,,IE should be "me thinks" not "me things" and again "chunky stumpy" not "Chucky Stupides" spell check took over
Please do not take it personally.
perhaps I need to proof read but as an inexperienced person on a tablet I don't think of that,
On a side note, here's to a great game tomorrow, with respect for Stamps, I hope the Peg can pull this one out