Calgary Will win the Grey Cup!

B.C. I feel will lose to the Stamps (or even the Riders) in the Semi-Final and then the Stamps will go to the Grey Cup and Face Toronto and Win.

Way to early to say if you ask me. The road to the Grey Cup is through the BC Lions. So if Calgary or Regina wants to get to the GC they need to beat BC. They are the measuring stick. Time will tell and injuries could play a part in who goes and who does not. People fail to realize the Lions are the guys to beat.

I fear Damon Allen in the greycup. Without him i would say without question its all west, but if hes healthy in the greycup i don't know.

Hamilton will win the cup. Wait and see.

which cup is that exactly??????'ll notice he didn't specify WHEN.....

WHEN hell has frozen over....LOL

hell will be freezing over in 2009 then.. :stuck_out_tongue: I however disagree... I think either montreal or winnipeg will be in the cup for the east... but they will loose to the west ( most likely the stamps )

i gotta say i am being harsh on lions fans for the lions will win predictions i will be the same to stamps fans. all 3 teams lions, stamps, and riders are all strong and can take it down the stretch no one can make anything more then a up in the air guess who will even win the west.

Agreed, the West is way too competitive right now.

Anything can happen, I predict the Als will win the Cup, they will bounce back and crush everyone and The Don will once again be the Master Creator.

Saskatchewan won't make the greycup. History tells me it's impossible.

History shows me Saskatchewan can make it to the Grey Cup game, winning it is another matter entirely.

If Calgary does make it to the Grey Cup, hopefully Winnipeg pays them back for that upset a few years ago.

But I'm actually hoping for a Saskatchewan/Winnipeg Grey Cup game. That would be something crazy :rockin:

oh hell ya.. a Sask vs Wpg game.. .ooh mama!

you'd have to bring in the national Guard!

and a schlit load of beer and pretzels.

Yup it would be a big hoedown for sure!

Riders are a cinch to win the Grey Cup! Anyone who argues differently is related to Marty York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rider Pride Nation Wide
riders rule!!!!!!!!!!!

National Guard?? :? Do you even know WTF you're talking about? That's pretty pathetic, Canada doesn't have any National Guard, that's just the US, just goes to show the degree of Americanization we have up here (which is one of the biggest obsticles the CFL has to face with it's fans, or would-be fans).

Anyway, Calgar to win the Cup, I can see it happening, if not Calgary, it should be the Western team to win it all as I don't think the East has a teamt that can do it.

I suppose Bomber fans never do that :lol: :lol: :lol: