@ Calgary, Week 18

Wow...returner even Steven Miller signs with the Riders and is on the 46? I don't get it. Sure, he doesn't likely make the 44, but it essentially means they go in working with a 45 not a 46. Toston should get some reps.

Looks like Watman is getting a start (LaBatte and Best out)

So I get #1 and 2 off my wishlist anyways, plus Maze is good to go. R Smith is stepping in for Dressler, so I know lots of people will be happy to see him again.

What I understand is Chamblain has never been the coach to make idle threats and/or comments and then not follow through.

Pretty strong words for a coach, not only before the game last week, but right after the game.......to suggest some, or one guy, or a group are not going 100% every day????

Three guys released.

Plus he is being smart and resting many guys who are knicked up...........ie Best and Labatte. Watman and Clark. I would rather have seen Vonk instead of Clark but fair enough. Vonk will get used a lot in our tight end sets and will get to hit some people.

Most of the moves are offense, not much at all on the D? We are healthier on D plus they have been performing so not a big need for a change..............aside from a true dominant MLB????

But interesting to see a lot of guys are getting their numbers called this week, I hope they bring that raw excitement to a team that will need it. Fight hard to earn the right to stay on roster and to return next season. Guy like Tosten adds fresh game legs. Ryan Smith fresh game legs. And that Miller guy as 3rd RB/KR???

Interesting to say the least. Not great that in week 17 we are auditioning guys. But coach has stayed true to form and when he says some things publicly it is usually followed up with action. Like it or not.

But the brutal part of this game is it is a nothing game............

I wouldn’t call it a “nothing game” 3rd in the west is still up for grabs so difference between staying closer to home or going East. Never want to go into the playoffs getting your butt kicked week in and week out so if they could pull off the win in Calgary it gets the team in a better frame of mind.

Ford's work ethic has supposedly steadily declined in practice, so the last game was kinda an opportunity for a kick at it, and he didn't exactly step up. I'm guessing Ford had a difficult time motivating himself once Allen was named the regular starter. Happens to a lot of players. He was perhaps somewhat of a statement though after CC's speech there about guys learning what it takes to win and those that didn't moving along.

Riley was a matter of time. He was basically waiting to clear the IRL.

These 2 moves made room for where they actually needed to explore some depth, at LB anyways.

They kinda had to let a QB go...I mean, you can't really carry 6 guys.

Wow...if you haven't read anything on Miller...perhaps you should. The guy is crazy fast and has amazing burst speed. Very interesting.

Looking forward to seeing Tosten, KJ should look better at QB, I think if we look good in this game, we still have a real shot at the cup! Can't wait to watch this one but gonna miss Weston, but we need him heathy for playoffs!

Yes looks like he is very fast and could break some big plays. I wouldn't mind see him get in and do some returns. Dressler being out leaves basically Jackson and it might be good to see what Miller has got for return abilities. Looks like if gets a gap he can hit it very quick and if he gets some daylight he could be gone.

It will be nice to see how KJ performs in game 2. And Toston seems like a genuine fellow, so will be good to see what he does with his opportunity.

My only concern is whether these guys will get a fair assessment behind an OLine that is “auditioning” for future positions as well?

No Fulton (although Adcock is playing awesome), Best or Labatte… Those are some pretty darn good players IMO

Ok...I know there is holding on basically every play, and I know the Riders need to clean that up...this high priced line is not earning their keep...but the Stamps were getting away with a lot in that game. I don't care...that's fine, but the green fellows were sure getting called.

Total collapse in the 2nd half, mainly due to stupid penalties and abandoning the run. Rod Williams is better than this....he has been a liability of late.

man this team has found more ways to lose then I thought imaginable. Defense cannot cover receivers and that was very obvious.How many pi calls and the one at the end of the half to allow the score. Not enough pressure on Mitchel and total abandoned the run game.

This year may be out of control for the coaches Really disgusted not with the loss but how they lost. Nothing going in the second half and this team does not look good right now. Blow a 12 point lead going into the 4th is not excusable. No Toston in the second half. Not sure if he got hurt on that one play but he did come back. 3 hand offs down near their own goal line and have to give up the safety/ Milo in usual forum cant get it deep on the kick off and great field position again for the Stamps.

Yes the refs were not calling it the same as we get called on any contact on a receiver and then we challenge an obvious call and they rule not enough evidence to over turn the call. Still this loss was not on the refs but the complete melt down by the Riders again.

This team should hang their heads in shame. Total lack of heart.


Fourth quarter collapse in epic proportions.....

Offense faltered, and defense got tired in fourth quarter. Not sure why the Riders didn't continue to run the ball more in the second half... Maybe coach didn't have faith in the new guys.

The Rider o-line had 3 more holding penalties that negated big plays at key times.. This lost momentum.

And can someone tell me what we gotta do on special teams to flip field position on kick returns?? Milo kicks it to 25 - 30, and Maver kicks it to the goal line.. The Riders are giving up 30 yards of field position every kickoff...

Rod Williams was beat all night, and Kerry Joseph needs more conditioning. He got tired as the game wound on, and the lack of oxygen in his brain caused problems in the fourth quarter (3 interceptions)

Bye week can't come soon enough IMO, I think even the fans in Rider Nation need a week off too.... Everyone come back for the Final week against Edmonton with a fresh attitude.

Positives for the game is that Getzlaf was involved again... He and Bagg both looked good. But in all honesty, the Riders will have to play mistake free football in the playoffs if they have any chance of getting back to the Grey Cup. The overall talent at some key positions is seriously affecting their ability to make mistakes, and still win the game

Bottom line is we are getting beat in every part of the game. O line D line dbacks are just not getting the job done. Injuries are not an excuse as the Stamps had many out with injuries and still killed us in the 4th.

This season is turning sour in a real hurry. Not sure if the skid and the bleeding can be stopped.

the area that really really really concerns me is in the defensive back field. If the D line can not get to the qb our dbacks either allow a big gain or get called on a PI. They just cannot cover period. This area needs a complete overhaul next season. We need smart, aggressive, physical backs and the ones that we have are not any of these.

So so angry about this collapse.


I don't know if I could take another week of this team at this time.

Pretty good summation. Only thing I might add is that with a couple of minutes left to go, as the camera zeroed in on coach Chamblin, he looked like a deer in the headlights. First time I've seen that, not a good sign.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Agreed I'm totally ready to blow a valve right now after that performance. This was a statement game and the statement is
unless they can get healthy and Durant back this team is not going any wheres.

I think the secondary is pretty good overall. An upgrade of inside LB would make a massive difference...not playing your safety shallow so consistently. They have some younger guys in there, so they are building for the future. Williams is an allstar but has been off the last bit. I shrug it off a bit this game because he was lining up against a new face who really stepped up.

I really think DD will be back, unless they sit him until playoffs.
I look at the turmoil this team was in going into the 1st bye, and see how well they adjusted with that week off...hope they can repeat that.