Calgary vs. who?

This is a question for the Stamps fans... who would you rather see the stamps play in the semi-final playoff game, Edmonton or BC?

Calgary vs BC in the semi final, then Calgary vs Edmonton in the west final. So both really.

I'd take Edmonton.. we've had no success against BC this season, I think they'd be more confident against the Esks.

I just want to let you guys know.... you wont make it past the first round :slight_smile:

HUH.. You still have a craving for some more crow? You know perhaps on paper ($$$$) Edmonton has the better team. But last I saw it was played on the field. Oh yeah one more thing. I hope your so called team enjoyed their last game on that good old sand pit you like to call home. It might be the last time till 2006. It must gall the Edmonton fans knowing a rebuilding team has been nipping at there heals for the last few months. Especially after we had so many devastating injuries.... So is Calgary over achievers or is Edmonton a bunch of choke artists?
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CW a sand pit?


Now I know that was a joke, you'd rather play on your green carpet?

No, we will be playing on our "green carpet".. 2 weeks in a row. CW might have the worst grass in all of north America, hardly anything to be proud of. If you want to brag about something, You might be better off just telling everyone you live north of Calgary. At least they would know where you lived.
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No, we will be playing on our "green carpet".. 2 weeks in a row. CW might have the worst grass in all of north America, hardly anything to be proud of. If you want to brag about something, You might be better off just telling everyone you live north of Calgary. At least they would know where you lived.
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Spoken like a true calgarian.

The Esks have barely squeaked through their past few games and got some lucky breaks. Calgary is peaking now and will have a big crowd behind them this weekend. I like their chances of hosting Edmunchuck two weeks in a row.

I think theres more motivation to play Edmonton. I can see the Calgary Herald Headline "Higgin's Revenge!" BC has given the Stamps a rough ride over the last few seasons. I think they would prefer getting some momentum against the Esks. I think Calgary's defense would prefer chasing down Ricky Ray than Casey Printers.

Yes, I am a true Calgarian. Born, Raised and Proud

Truth Hurt?
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Edmonton will be in third place by this weekend and then out of the playoffs the following weekend. Kick their asses Stamps

haha, you guys are going to be disappointed.

No, not disappointed. In fact I thought we were supposed to be the cross over team??? And here we are last week of the season and we are in a fight for a home playoff game. Who would a thunk it.... Who are you guys going to fire if you lose in the first round of the playoffs? Or are you going to spend some more $$$$ to buy yourself another team? Teams are made, not bought.
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lol, you can admit being jealous Stamp78... it's ok, most people are jealous of all the success the esks have had : ). lol... devastating injuries??? we played 3/4 of th season without a rb and no Ed Hervey.... Devastatind injuries..... awww isn't that too bad........... I love the battle of alberta :slight_smile: its the only time of the year i love to trash talk... i dont know what wil happen this weekend and i dont really care all that much but i do know that the esks are going to win in the playoffs. There's no question about it. I hope Higgins pulls out an other one of his trick plays that backfire. I'm sure you Stamp fans will enjoy those because we sure will.

I agree, I love trash talking about sports with boys from Edmonton.. LOL
I also remember Edmonton (For the most part) has had better sport teams.
Edmonton = Good sport teams
Calgary = ok Sport teams
Calgary = Great city!!
In the end we will always win.

LOL Stamp78 no the truth does not 'hurt'. I guess your baiting me cause I initially didn't want to get into the whole edmonton calgary thing ONCE AGAIN in cyberspace (where to begin)...But OK, here goes, I have a few minutes on my hands. Here's the take of Calgary by an Edmontonian:

You say that the truth hurts because Edmontonians should just say they live by Calgary for anyone to recognise them. You seem to think no one knows Edmonton...well, methinks mostly all of Canada has heard of "Edmonton" so you must be talking about American recognition, which I could care less about but you all (or, sorry, Y'all, in calgarian) love, seek and crave. Calgary is a town that is owned by Texas Oilmen using/exploiting your resources for their benifit and Calgary has never supported sports teams like Edmonton has. When i lived in Edmonton I loved buying 10 dollar nosebleed tickets for FLAMES games and then helping myself to the deep pools of empty seats right above the ice only a few years after they won the stanley cup (and throughout all of the '90's). That was a great deal, I never found one like that in Edmonton. Calgary's traffic is awful, as is the municipal zoning, a victim of horrible urban sprawl due to it's sudden population rise in the '70 when it began selling itself out to foreign interests. This boom is also represented in the downtown architecture of Calgary, where it hopes to be a pastiche of trendy 80's design, the failure of an attempt to look like big box, big city America, or, even worse, Toronto. This was done without one original thought put into how to build a city. Its climate is dry as hell which is bad for your skin and, overall, the desert surrounding the city doesn't really support greenery so if you like TREES, Calgary AINT FOR YOU!! It has no sense of tradition, has only one championship in a major internationally recognised sport where Edmonton has FIVE, and the one time they did win it all, they still didn't sell out theyre arena after that. Great fan support!!

And, of course, and for good measure, here's a Calgarian's take on EDMONTON:

Edmonton has never had ANYTHING. Jasper ave is dead, and Whyte ave isn't even close to the strips in downtown calgary. Edmonton isn't one quarter as "sexy" as Calgary in terms of demographics, hipness, or market share. It's ugly, full of old people and everyone cool is moving to Calgary or has already done so. They support sports so well only because there is nothing else to do in the factory town that more resembles Hamilton more than Toronto. Any infrestructure they do have, the buildings are small and old and the city resembles a ghost town at night, and I DARE YOU to find something fun or interesting to do in downtown Edmonton after 9pm on a weeknight, Where Calgary has numerous cultual/boutique/media outlets. Edmonton is a town that never even HAD a boom in architecture and the downtown core reflects that, and nothing even anything remotely cultural has come out of it be it literature, music, theatre or otherwise. Where Calgary has easy access to mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, and almost every other outdoor activity you could ever want to do, Edmonton has absolutely nothing but FLAT PLAINS, so it's no wonder the eskimos draw well. Furthermore the Eskimose are the ONLY thing Edmonton has anyway as hell, the only thing worse than an Edmonton winter is having to watch Oilers hockey for the past 15 YEARS. Edmonoton is completely irrelevant in 2005, while Calgary had international recognition with a Flames run barely a year ago.

IF I"VE MISSED SOMETHING PLEASE LET ME KNOW !!! I've spent the better part of my 30 yrs playing devils advocate for both cities in bars and pubs in both towns, and now online. I think this rivalry is the best because unlike Ham/Tor the cities are almost the exact same size but completely different, and so close if you don't like one move to the other. For the record I live in Toronto now anyway, I guess I didn't like either to settle down in in the end.

.......alright you two.....let's just take this bottled up frustration out on Regina eh?......

.......that was a pretty good story though Maux.....I like to think of Calgary and Edmonton like two twin brothers who beat the crap out of each other every opportunity they can until someone comes along and says 'hey why is your brother so dorky' then they both beat on that person........

That's a good comparison. yah, the sports rivalries are great, I haven't taken calgary/edmonton barbs personally for 20 years!