Calgary vs Toronto.....Grey Cup 2006

I predicted it at the start of the Season and I still believe these two will square off in November.
Toronto have one of the best if not"THE" best defenses in the League.Allen is proven and knows how to win the big games.
Calgary have an excellent offense and Burris is getting better every week.Calgary's defense is under rated and I think we still have not seen the best from this unit.
Most Montreal and BC fans will have something to say about this and I can appreciate that.They are of course very good teams that could prove me wrong.
Winnipeg because of Toronto and Montreal won't make it to the big game and the same goes for Saskatchewan(BC and Calgary)
Edmonton have the personnel to upset in the playoffs"IF" they get there!Hamilton are playing for next year.

At this time, we can all still fantasize about the ideal matchup in the grey cup game. In our dreams, anything is possible. Currently, sportsbooks have BC and Montreal as most probable contenders.

As a B.C. fan the only team in the west that scares me is Calgary, but I don't think Burris has the consistency to lead them to the big game.

montreal is stinkin it up right now, and they need to turn it around, or winnipeg will knock them out first round.

winnipeg vs toronto for eastern finals?

thats a really good prediction it realistic too my pics

winnipeg vs toronto east final

bc vs calgary west final

winnipeg vs BC grey cup

I still have no worries for the Alouettes. I believe they will finish 1st in the East, and will at least get to the East Final. I think we will see yet another, Montreal/Toronto final.

In the West, to be honest, I see the West final being Calgary vs Saskatchewan this year, that's just a feeling I get, after seeing the first half of the season.

Wow what about BC? They have played well and are a very complete team with no weaknesses! However, they have not slumped yet like the other teams. I still believe it is a three way horse race in the east of course! But this weekend might expose the bombers as a medicore team or they are contenders. It will be in the East Argos, Als and Bombers. In the west wow the problem is late season injureis have not come into play and it is hard to predict all the west teams are close.
The Eskies are in must win or miss the playoffs for the first time since leather helmets and if Calgary beats them even one game it will be hard for them to get momentum. But the west could be close as well but do not count out those Lions I think they are going to be the wests representive.

BC...i'll tell u what happens to BC:

mr Glass, AKA, dave dickenson is injured, AGAIN, and buck pierce, comes up just short of beating sask. in the first round....

but the riders prevail and move on to calgary for the west final.

You never know I guess! But Buck is looking pretty good in there and he looks like a seasoned vet already! You have to remember the BC Lions fixed their protection on the QB from a year ago. Also what happens to the other teams as well with injuries. Again all these teams are walking the danger zone when it comes to losing their QB.

im not sayin bucky is bad…im just sayin, in his first CFL playoff game i think he’ll come up just short.

but is anyone else seeing DD for what he really is? Glass!

puts up good regular season numbers in the half season he plays then tanks in the playoffs…its hard for me to acknowledge DD as a top 3 QB in this league when, every year, he spends half the season on the shelf and never wins in the playoffs.

b4 this season started, i had it ranked:

#1 ray
#2 calvillo
#3 allen
#4 dickenson
#5 burris

but, if burris can lead the stamps to a 1st place finish in the west, i gotta rank burris higher than DD…more durable and is a winner.

as long as u have dickenson as your starter, u NEED a solid backup, cuz dickenson will miss 6 or more games every year.

Yes Dave has been Mr Glass and is injured once again. But even with Dave out Buck managed to play the Als fairly well. Can Buck choke of course he could. But what if the same happens to the other western teams would this not hurt their chances as well.

Hmmm....little Freudian slip with the Burris-Riders comment there drumkit? :wink:

i think, if printers becomes available, the lions should lock him up to a big, long-term deal and let the ottawa renegades take mr. glass, DD and his hefty contract in the expansion draft.

then they can keep printers or trade him to toronto and promote pierce as thier #1 guy.

oops…i fixed it now…thanks.

Wow DG you should be GM for Hamilton! :lol:
That is a very smart move!

DD 'earns' $400K per year, but only plays 2/3 of the season, every season and tanks in the playoffs.

i just hope, if DD is hurt long and pierce plays the rest of the season, guides the lions to a big playoff game or grey cup game....wally lets pierce start!

Do not count on that happening! Wally is very loyal to his vets as we witnessed with Printers. I am prbably one Stamp fan that can say I am glad Wally is out on the coast and not in our locker room.

I understand your point rw2005,but Wally did some wonderful things in Calgary.Would you trade Burris for Printers? Just curious.

No I wouldn't personally! I think Burris has an upside and a down side to him. He is a slow starter but we know that he gets better in the later half of the season. But Casey still needs to show what he has as a starter. Sure he guided the Lions to a GC that one year but remember the folowing year he did not look as good. So I will go with the guy we know! Henry is a good guy (Riderfans will disagree of course) but over the last few years he has shown that he is a good QB in the last half of the season when you need it!

I believe Calgary getting their hands on Burris was an excellent move and if it was up to me I would not trade Burris for Printers but there are a few teams out there who should if the opportunity were to arise.

I agree Casey Printers is a excellent QB and should have a long career in the CFL. But he will not come back until his rights owned by the BC Lions are done. He will hang in down south to get his pension then return. You can bet it will not be with Wally’s boys.