Calgary vs. Sask WF Game Day Thread

its been rough since we lost the the bears in the playoffs. there has been nothing good since then. I hope stamps d-fence can keep it up.

What the hell was with Forde on that run? It was like he blacked out for a second or something. :expressionless:

Burris, the whiner, strikes again.

Ya so what, everything NFL in my opinion does suck and I am not the only one here with that opinion.

crappy kick. even though that drive gave nothing, im stlil really stoked with our winnipeg pickups. even though i was sad to see willis go... i hope they can sign him back.

Yes, I know you're not the only anti-NFL troll. :wink:

Can we keep the NFL comments out of this thread, and preferrably, off this board Chief? No offense, but threads already go off the rails enough around here without throwing NFL crap into the mix.

Anyway, go Riders! I think they would have a better chance of beating Montreal. I have to back the team I think has the best chance of maintaining western Grey Cup domination.

flag or no flag? what do you think?

yes!!!!! thats the D we needed.

i dont care if the odd nfl refrence is made. the anouncers made it about some stamps.


Looks to me like the Riders hit the snooze button one too many times... This is starting to look like Dallas' last two games. (Oops, that was another NFL comment. :oops: )

grampa miller is going to use up all his challenges too early... worried he wont stay awake for the second half?

or maybe he thinks its like when he was a teenager and it was best score of two games.

i think its a catch.

Allright J.R.!!!

THIS IS A CFL BOARD, not the crap league.

I didn't know Al Bundy was a Riders fan? But who was the guy beside him? Did Jefferson let himself go...? :o

calgary has to stop the penalties.

that penalty really killed us. hope calgary learns.

not good. burris needs to answer.

I see. When you want to make fun of the NFL, it's OK to mention that league in this board, but when I want to make a comment about that league, it's not? Get lost, ya friggin hypocrite. You're wasting my time with your stupidty. :roll:

Looks like the Riders finally woke up. 'Bout damn time!

Well-executed screen to Getz for the TD!