Calgary vs. Sask WF Game Day Thread

Last year this time for the WF, I was one of the few Riders fans on the forum (everyone else being at the game!!) and ... I'm back!!

Game to start in a minute or two. Win or lose, I am fiercely proud of my team. Game on!!

Why does it seem like the only CFL city where TSN has transmission problems from is Regina?

Why do I get the feeling this would never happen in hockey or any other sport...except CFL.

3 -0 Calgary - 47-yard field goal

Was just checking my NFL picks. 8-2 to start. Not bad. Colts are 10-0. Now it’s time for a little CFL action. This game better be close. Having two blowouts would be lame.

Go Riders!

Riders punt from their own 5. Holding on the return. Stamps to start around their own 40.

Okay, tv feed is back.

Stands look like a bunch little martians LOL!

anyone else having minor audio issues on the HD feed?

Why would it be lame.
Sure beats the crap ut of the No Fun League game regardless of the score.

Too close to overturn the call on the field. Probably right call.

It's got nothing to do with the CFL or TSN for that matter IMO. It seems to be something with the facilities in Regina because if there are going to be transmission problems 9 out of 10 times it will be at a game at Mosaic.

i fel tbad for K. jones when he got released, but then he made it further then the eskimos.

You'll have to forgive me if I take your "every single thing about the NFL sucks hardcore" opinion with a crate of salt. :wink:

Time for a new stadium ... :smiley:

i havnt really been watching the Nfl this year. not because i have anyhting against it. just fans who insist on hating the cfl. the only reason im not really watching it chief... i have been a seahawks for a long time... its rought this year. hope my stamps can make me feel a little better.

we need to lay off the cheating. penalties are going to kill the stamps pretty soon.

does anyone know why libingo is out? is it because he suct this year? or is he hurt? loved seeing six pack again. brings back calgary memories of danny barret. but i think durrant could run it really eficiantly

ilove how sask was sooooo man about how unclassy the stamps were with celebrating, and there they are, celebrating on tackles.

Yeah, I imagine it is pretty rough being a Hawks fan. They just got blownout by Minnesota today. :lol:

Talk about a slow friggin start to this game. :o