Calgary Vs Sask Sell out?

What was the attendance at the game tonight? Suitor told us on TSN that it was sold out. He also said they could have sold 10,000 more tickets if there were seats. According to Suitor the Stamp phones were ringing off the hook.

Good for you guys!!

they said about 35,000 right? Thats awesome, but i gotta say, we had 37,000 for a pre season game in edmonton, that number amazes me! wish we had that each regular season game, gesh the pre season game was versus the bombers too.

Yes, But don't you guys normally draw 39,0000 at Commonwealth during the season? I know you get around 45,000 for the Week after labour day re-match.

Last year the Labor Day rematch drew over 57,000.

In 2003, there were over 62,000 in Commonwealth for that game! That was pretty wild.

Thanks Esk Jebus for the correction. I know you guys alaway draw well at the re-match.

R&W will be happy tonight. It may take him a while to comment though. He may be very, very hungover after this game. hangover.........Mrs. RedandWhite was running a triathlon in Sylvan Lake so I watched the game from our hotel room in Red Deer..........ticks to our friends..........good game, think is quieted a bunch of critics and braggards.........I'm not goning to boast, just remind some overzealous rider fans of their ridulous predictions...........

I've been to quite a few games at McMahon and Commonwealth. Can't compare the attendance figure. Commonwealth gets more drunk idiots to their games who don't even pay attention to the game. I guess it's the "IN" thing to do in Deadmonton.

I'm not knocking the true fans but pretty much every game I've gone to at Commonwealth, it's all those bus loads of Boston Pizza tickets that are filling the stadium. More than half of them don't even know what football is so don't kid yourself about Esks attendance.