Calgary vs Riders

With this wind why are we not playing man coverage?

Still time to get it done - I picked Sask. also....must start their move now though. 14-0 Calgary

Because Richie Hall is our DC :cry:

Willy keeps the drive alive - huge 2nd effort.

Does Calgary realize Durant can't throw in to the wind and should be playing the run a 100% :roll:

Ah, how could I forget that! :?

Durant a great job of seeing the running lane and not hesitating to take it for positive yards and 1st downs. FINALLY. That is the Darian Durant that I know.
Know with the wind at their back for the second qtr it is time to got to Dressler and getzlaf with Durant running when available and of course Korey sheets

Getz is lucky for the ratio...if he was American, I'd have had him sitting these past couple of weeks.

Ratio or no, I may have even left him off the roster today. The guy has been mailing it in this year

Perhaps DD will realize for future games that he is a good runner and do it more often. That's the DD everyone wants to see.

At this level of play, it is unacceptable for a guy on the d line to be off side.

Now lets see the riders get the ball into dresslers hands and also Getz, he needs to getgoing

Yawn... Riders are sleeping this one in

Wow...brutal drop by Getzlaf

Dressler yes. Getz just made my earlier point for me. sigh.

Camblin needs to tie into the whole team, not just the D

Getz needs to be sat down for a game. He is dropping more balls then he is catching! :thdn:

That is a brutal roughing the passer call

No, it was a correct call, Willis just has to be more disciplined there…

May have been more a helmet to helmet that was called? That was nothing compared to the stuff they called last night!

Terrible play calling, and now an INT