Calgary vs Riders

Should be a good game in Regina; weather wise will be mixed cloud/sun of sorts [rain?] - Darant; call his own number...
On the rush Darian has a 9.4 average, so thus against Calgary - revamp the Relish...Show it to me :cowboy:

Two struggling teams. I wouldn't mind seeing a repeat of the 1st matchup if it only included the first 3 quarters :wink:

If Glenn keeps his head and the Stamps as a whole don't turn over the ball and only give the Riders mostly poor field position, the Stamps should score just enough against especially the weak Rider secondary to outpoint the Riders' offence despite the Stamps' massive hole at safety and poor pass rush.

The team that makes no more than only one fumble or interception, so long as it does not go for a return for a score or to the red zone by the opposing defence, will win in what seems to be a tight match-up I think.

It will be an interesting game that's for sure. I believe that if Durant plays a good game and doesn't have any turnovers that they can win this game.

But if he pulls another crap fest, the Stamps will win.

Unless OZ does something for the Tin Man, the Stamps should prevail. Saskatchewan will find a way to win sometime but not this week.

Who knows on the out come of this tilt. However, one of these teams will join Hamilton as a bottom feeder. 8)

Home game for the Riders. Played well in Calgary other than the last 6 minutes of the 4th quarter. The Riders should take this game. I will say this; if the Riders do not win this game, they will miss the playoffs.

You forgot about the strong wind they’re calling for…

Wind won't help the Riders. Its been unusually calm here for 3 weeks, they haven't practiced in windy conditions like they normally do.

Are you making excuses for the Tin Man before the game even begins?

Well, at least it will help clear out all that hot air in Saskatchewan I suppose.

I predict that the team who scores more points will win.

And I challenge anyone and everyone to an Avatar bet if they are willing to go up against me on that! 8)

What a wind we have today, wow.

For once Rod Black isn't the only wind blowing :twisted:

No takers on that Avatar bet yet? :cowboy:

How do they let that fat guy get open?

...I haven't even turned on the game yet and somehow I sense that Lewis was cleared to play :smiley:

grrr. :wink:

Nice run by Sheets

btw, Red, if you haven't tuned in yet, Cgy major on their first posession

Whats with this gawd-awful TSN feed?


Can't see the game, but can still hear Black blithering away... AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!

Rider D very soft.

Why did I pick Saskatchewan to win???

I knew this was not meant to be...