Calgary Vs. Ottawa/ Where is HT???

Where is Hellothere? He should be calling this game! Anyway rain delay right now, I come back after a score. Hope it's Ottawa tonight! :wink:

Any truth to the rumour that Loonie is having a wet T-shirt contest inconjuction with the rain falling?

1 to 0 Ottawa, I'M COUNTING THAT HIT THE POST GOAL AND NOONE WILL STOP ME!!! was crenlty a Single anyway. and doesn'r not awarding that defeat the purpose of a single?!?

Otherwise, score is 0 to 0.

BOING!!!!!!!! Ottawa Field goal goes off the post.

I see KK revisiting his other post to lobby for a point again!

TD OTTAWA!!!! HOLY$%^&!!!


Ottawa is good this year. I'd like to see the Rens bag the Als and TO this year. I know the Gades are better then the team in Hamilton.


11 to 0 Renegades

I still smell that Cup in Ottawa's future! :wink:

50 yd TD Ottawa!!!!


the sad thing is, this game should be 27 nothing!

18 to 0 Ottawa

They are runnning away with the game!

The only problem with building a lead this early is you still have 30 some minutes to maintain it. Ottawa can't take their foot off the gas. That's been the Riders fault so far this season.

the last thing Calgary needs is Ranek to get hot.

.............the EE fans said their team looked like a High School squad last night.......mine would have a tough time competing in Pop warner's league right about now.........kudos to the Gades so far, evidently the O is firing on all cylinders...........

21 to 0 Ottawa!!!

Looks like Yeast prediction is coming ture! :wink:

Calgary has got to get some pints on the broad!

Good punt! score now 21 to 1 Ottawa

Well, Calgary put A point on the broad, it's a start?! you type that on purpose.........

now it's 21 to 4 Ottawa

Stampedes get back into it!

Ottawa is "Ranek" away with this game!

27 to 4 Ottawa

Soke a LIttle to soon! getting drunk over here! :mrgreen:

Did I say 27 I mean 28 to 4! Ottawa