Calgary vs Montreal Preview

Saturday Night Double Header Kicks off with Calgary vs Montreal rematch from last week, I think it will be a different game than last week, but the question is when is Anthony Calvillo show up finally and bring some offense to this new system.

I am going with the Stampeders in a close game but Montreal to cover in a shootout. :cowboy:

...unless someone has mastered time warp transplacement I agree it will be a different game :twisted:

Dontcha just love folks who start threads solely to promote their own websites? This guy and that EZ football rankings guy, and that Rouge Radio fellow.

Thought it was against forum rules, but perhaps I am mistaken.

There's rules here? :stuck_out_tongue:

If the thread is on topic for the forum, it doesn't bother me. Preview of an upcoming game (like this), commentary on stuff, or interviewing CFL personalities? Sure, why not.

Shame it's not an actual game day thread. The Alouettes have jumped out to a 17-0 lead, and just not see that one coming. Perhaps the old Alouettes we've come to expect have returned...

Oh well perhaps another time...

Edit: Now it's 24-0 Montreal. I'm so not getting a perfect week.... :frowning:

24-19 now. Calgary came back in the second quarter.

Stupid call going for 2 at end of half. Take your points, Calgary FG in the 3rd would have tied it and now down by 2. Surprising call by Huff!

Bonehead move there to go for it on 3rd & almost 2 on your own 30. Stuffed, and then an Obj Con penalty on top of it.
So lucky Stamps only got 3.

Montreal is on the ropes right now. Just an awful awful decision to gamble deep in their own end on a play that was basically 3rd and 2. Add to the fact that they did a run in shotgun formation, and it was doomed from the get go. How long can Montreal's D keep them in this?

Wow if CFL DB,S could catch !

How many times will Rowdy Rod mention Peredes FG streak this game? More or less than Hamilton's Aussie Rules kicker.

I'm really not sure why Calgary keeps going for 2 points. The difference between a 5 and 6 point lead isn't worth it. I know the Riders did it against the Stamps a few weeks ago, and it ended up working, but the math at that time at least somewhat made sense.

Now that's funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, 10 yards from a TD and they turn the ball over. Heck of a play by Bennett.

Play of the year, sewn up !

Montreal losing their cool. Gonna be a long week.

Calgary's only mistakes since the end of the first was going for two on the last 2 TD's. Had they taken the extra point at half time they would have had a decision worth thinking about on this last one.

I picked Calgary in the pool, but I was hoping Montreal could prove me wrong and upset a Western team. This one looks over now, that fumble recovery ended up being a swing of 14 points.

Wasn't it Black who reference Ottawa scouting the Argos #3 last night? Can this moron not come up with an original thought?

I could be wrong, but I think every single point scored in this game has been going to the left of our TV screens. Maybe there’s hope for Montreal yet.