Calgary vs Hamilton

Possible Grey Cup preview. I look for Calgary to win a close one, maybe a late field goal, if Glenn plays the whole game. If Bo Levi gets in the game, Calgary wins by 2 touchdowns.

Stamps 28 TiCats 26

Well........If it is a Grey Cup preview.....we might let you have this one(but we won't :slight_smile: )and on Sun. Nov. 24 we'll just have to return the favour and walk away with the Cup!!! :thup: :thup: remember "99" :rockin:

Calgary once again playing with a horse shoe. Hamilton dominated for the majority of the first half, but a couple of lucky turnovers are the difference right now.

...please explain how Fraser's interception was 'lucky'?....

... Another lucky 3 points for the Stampeders. 15 yards on an unnecessary roughness for a defender flicking the ball into the air.

...guess you cannot, thanks for playing, Rod Roddy next contestant please...

..Touchdown > Measurement...thank you Mr. Clarke...

...sorry, 'lucky' touchdown

Calgary got lucky that Hamilton's d line wasnt set.

Refs not being too subtle to hand the Cats a sympathy touchdown here.

About time some of the luck starts evening out in Hamilton's favour.

lol yeah the Stampeders are lucky, what lucky that the other half of their roster isn't injured?

He's just frustrated because tomorrow they will be in second place on a four game slide. GC tickets should start hitting Kijiji in a couple weeks :lol:

Where have you been for the past two weeks? The Riders were sitting in third coming in to this week. We all know what happens to Calgary come playoff time.

...Glenn just threw the 'lucky' bean to the helmet toss, thereby signalling their 'lucky' win...

...pure skill interception, no 'luck' involved

Good Game Nags!

Who's Fraser? Must have been a lucky INT if people dont even know who the guy is.

...good elementary answer there, Eric Fraser, #7 honest man, a true football fan, a guy that played the sport (wink) would say 'yeah, you're right, while that first INT was pretty lucky, that second INT wasn't lucky, it was pretty decent coverage actually'....just saying you know... nice talking to ya, done