calgary vs hamilton prediction thread

cats 36
stamps 33

Cats 33, Calgary 32.

High scoring game

Tiger-Cats 37
Stamps 35

Oh, another prediction: in the absence of Jesse, Casey steps up and shows us why he's worth half a million.

You beat me to pointing out that the Riders D was the best against the run, in response to what was said about Calgary’s D being the best against the run. :slight_smile:

But I think…

Stamps 36
Ticats 29

Hamilton 33
Calgary 28

Oski Wee Wee,


KICKOFF… good luck to all who put a pick in and I will go through them at games end. go cats go.

damn...when I made my prediction, I foolishly assumed that the hamilton defense would also be making the trip to calgary.

Who knew.

A FG by Hamilton would make it 43 -19

My prediction was 42 -20.

What would I win?

Althouhg someone else predicted 42-18, I think.

You would win the right to say you know what your talking about!!!!!

I have 43-29, the tension, the tension......go ritchie go.

I did that when I first started deabting you. :wink:

Nah, iit's nothing but a lucky guess.

well final score is in and it was 43-16 for the stamps. Thanks for playing and the picks are getting closer. Next game someone will pick it correct. These are the top picks:
SCEvan 42-17 stamps,
Cap'n Kirk 42-20
Bunny 38-18
The only person to pic stamps number of 43 was beet(43-29) and nobody picked the cats number.

Don't forget...

thats true, but the teams were wrong. good numbers though.

Ti Cats’s had a great game last week and this week…not so much! don’t lose faith over 1 game! next week is another chance! I know it’s not the place but could anyone be so kind as to tell me how to upload a personal pic for ones profile? thank you!