calgary vs hamilton prediction thread

Week four and nobody has hit the score right yet. could this be the week?
stamps 9 point favorites with total point number of 52.5.
I think the cats will move the ball and score some points on offence, finally showing an explosive passing game. It just wont be enough though on a short week and a defence with some question marks. I think they will progress further tonight, but it just wont be enough to win it.
stamps 43- 29

28-13 stamps

31-28 Cats

34 - 27 TiCats :rockin:

34-20 Stamps

Stamps run defence is tops in the league…unfortunately

33 cats
27 stamps

42-17 stamps

Hamilton: 37
Calgary 32

Stamps 27
Cats 17

An Argo-Cat fan

Cats: 34
Ponies: 28

I know, I`m bias.


Oskee Wee Wee Go Cats Go!!! :rockin:

I predict that at the end of the game, Calgary will no longer be #1 in the League against the run...Saskatchewan was #1 prior to last week's game....and then they met Hamilton...

Tre Smith is the real thing, and Caulley showed us what he can do last year

Ticats 27 Stamps 23

That may be trune, but rememeber two things:

  1. As far as our run game goes, not only ios Jesse out, but so is Cavka.

  2. I'm afraid the difference will be our inability to pressure Burris will lead to an offensive outpouring by the Stamps.

Stampeders 42
Tiger-Cats 20

took a lot of flack for my lack of appreciation for caulley last yr, but I still havent change my opinion. Tre may pick up the slack a lot for jesse, but to me, big drop from tre to caulley.

However, calgary will still give up rushing yards so who know.

not sure why everyone seems to expect the game total to be around 60 pts. I am thinking less than 50.

i will never bet against the cats so
Cats - 30
Stamps - 27

23-23 after 3600 seconds of play.

and it's a tossup who will pull off the extra-time win.

Ticats 28
Stamps 32

Regards to Captain Kirk, but Caulley and Smith will run and catch on "outside" routes, where the absence of Cavka is less noticeable and the abilities of the two are better utilised. Look for some extra completions tonight...

Tigers are going to loose this game. Don’t worry about it for now–I believe the ticats will be playing agaist the stamps in the gray cup. That is unless another cross over team from the west beats them out.

Which game is that?

TiCats: 42
Horse traders: 18