Calgary vs Eskimos

Great night for football [sunny skies] in the Alberta Capital - should be a good crowd....Go Esks.
Edit: Austin Pasztor is in Edmonton - contract maybe in the works? Skookum

Should be a great game as all will be this weekend. Edmonton by a few. This CFL is the real thing.

Disappointed that I won't be able to watch most of this one until tomorrow. The Altantic timezone is tough for western games.

Bought myself speakers for my birthday (which is in a week and a half), and I'm setting them up, so I might be in and out during the first quarter. Did I hear them say Joseph is starting? Should've picked Calgary. :x

Cornish with the run game sets the stage; TD Forzani from Glenn caps off a 75 yard drive - 7-0 Stamps lead

Charles and Joseph seems to be a click of late - good run…bahh Joseph sacked two plays later…7-1 Calgary

Forzani td Stamps, great start.

Looks like the lowest crowd I've ever seen in Edmonton for a Calgary game. :? Not like it used to be.

Tailgate party at field level is always sold out against Sask. and Labour Day return match vs Calgary though.

Shaw with shades of Duval on the pin inside the five yard line - must tighten up and stop Cornish....
See what happens on this Eskie series.

Hopefully that awful play call by Calgary, a wide receiver sweep on 2nd and 1 on deep in your end of the field against in my opinion the fastest defence in the CFL, pays off now. :slight_smile:

Got my speakers hooked up. What'd I miss? :smiley:

Just in time; Charles bails out Joseph on a 3rd down gamble.....FG upcoming...Posh 10-4 Calgary

Love how Hill looked shocked on that penalty. You were draped over him, dude.

Was wondering why Lewis was so wide open. He shoved the dude to the ground. :lol: Pick by Thompson = no points. Thank God. 17-4 would've been a massive hole for Joseph.

Time and time again the D steps up - got to get to half time for adjustments I say.
Edit: big punt by Shaw - 73 yarder.. then again Glenn is a positive force for the Stamps

For crying out loud!!! We pin them, and then let them get to the 20. :x

Just walking in now. Good game so far or just so-so?

It's heating up; Glenn is stepping up to the plate with play action.

I don't remember that always being encouraging when he was wearing blue and gold.

What the hell did I just see? Did that really happen?! :o :o :o lol