Calgary vs Eskies

Monday afternoon weather conditions is overcast (cool) 41degrees Fahrenheit - GO Stamps GO


Not sure where your getting your weather conditions but their wrong. It will be around 14* Celsius. P.O.P. 30% No snow!!!

(who reads Fahrenheit anyways......maybe Sask

This is why Stamps will lose. Can't play in cool weather......vbg.

I was gonna say, 41 degrees doesn't sound cool. :lol: Maybe he mixed up the numbers.

Let's go Esks!

I look at the low, not the high if you know what I mean.

Really important for us to get a good start.

That was a nice pick. Now get the O going

What a stupid challenge by Huff. If the ball goes forward without any contact then the arm had to be going forward when the ball was lost.

Yup a bit surprised that he chose to challenge that.
Tight defensive game her so far

3-1 Calgary leads

Just when you think you've seen everything, a rabbit does a touchdown dance in the endzone.

Edmonton looks aweful.

Bombers gotta sign him...he's got GREAT speed!

Only at McMahon though - 13-1 Calgary at the half.

Very entertaining.

Their defense is very good and they have a young QB who is making his 2nd pro start. Throw Riley in there and you have a dangerous team. Especially when the weather turns cold. Well played game. The Argo's should be taking notes on coverage :lol:

According to my daughter (a Stamps fan who lives in Calgary) he plays for the EE! :lol: :lol: Guess they should have been called for too many men when he first appeared! :lol:

Sloppy game. Lots of drops

Agree with you kasps - the D is keeping the EE in the game since the Stamps have few points although they've put up a pile of yards (over 220 in the first half). Stamps D is making life difficult for Franklin and friends. Kudos to Eddie Steele for his work on the OL.

Edmonton is driving the ball the wrong way the last 2 drives. (negative yards on both drives including 18 lost this drive)

Its like watching the Riders out there. I thought these were the two best teams in the west.