Calgary vs EE

My TV just went out and I missed it. GRRRRRRRRRR please replay.

Jill Barber. . . nice tune

Ummm.... who's Jill Barber? :oops: :oops: :oops:

Does the song "Oh My My". . . I thought that was what you were referencing. . . sorry if I misunderstood

TOP 20-10 for Calgary. Go offence!

where did it go? 7/11?

Corner store for Edmonton last year 7-11 headin towards 11-7 finish this year. :smiley:

Whoa. Was that a first down? I'll always remember where I was when Edmonton got that first down.

Ricky Ray, three completions out of ten attempts? Man that's poor . . .

Bad news for the Stamps. . . McCune injury looks serious. . . kid's a stud, they'll miss him

All I can say about that return is wow... Way to cover, boys.

Fieldgoal attempt wasn't even close either. :?

If this keeps up, the Eskimos' special teams and offence are going to owe their defence an apology.

Can Tillman not find anyone to play on the line?

No problem.... if I think of those words and a song then I probably think of Ringo Starr. :oops:

Is she a jazz singer?

Cool the Esks needed that pickoff, now to get the Major. Nope fieldgoal 17-9 Calgary.

That she is. Here it is:

I see Prechae Rodriguez is picking up right where he left off when he was with the Riders.

Even if he can't get to the ball, he should at least make an effort to break up the potential INT.

No heart. No effort. Thats why he was drummed out of Sask.

I'm going off the air. . . gotta work tomorrow . . . enjoy the rest of the game gang.

Calgary could score rouges the entire game and still win. :roll:

See ya, MadJack.